Most Common Mistakes Avoid In Stock Market India


Most Common Mistakes Avoid In Stock Market India

Here mentioned most common stock trading mistakes which you should avoid. Many investors do several mistakes because they have no idea how to avoid making mistakes while investing.

Buying Cheap: Never buying a stock whose price is falling.

No Research: Don’t proceed with somebody’s advice. Check the history of the enterprise shares and the performance in the market before going forward with any investment.

Market Trend Important: Don’t give too much importance to market trend news coming in financial magazines. But sometimes going with market trends make investors fall into the trap of speculation and investors may lose the money.

Investing In The Familiar: Don’t invest in companies just because you are familiar with the name.

Depend on Investment Manager: Don’t dependent on the manager for every investment that is made. This may lead to an investment mistake.

Too much focus on tax, Costs: Don’t give too much importance to tax, brokerage, and other trading costs.

Poor Quality Stocks: Do not invest in poor-quality stocks just because they are available at a low price-earning (PE) or because of dividends.