5 things you didn’t know about Xente App

1.It’s FREE

Don’t we all like something free? I know I do. Well you do not have to spend a single cent to get Xente App on your phone (except of course having a smart phone) because all you need to do is install from google store to get started or you can click this link directly it’s that easy.

2.You can use it anywhere in the world

Yes that’s right. Not many Apps will give you that but we know who matters to you so that wherever you are, you can pay water and power bills, buy airtime and data, pay school fees ,Event tickets and so much more for your Ugandan people. If this sounds too good, it’s because it is and all you have to do is get it.

3.You can use any payment method

We have got you multiple payment options regardless of where you are. For local users, MTN Mobile Money is sufficient, however you can use your Visa card, Master card and American Express for those Abroad. As you can see, we leave no stone unturned.

4.Get Big Discounts and rewards

This product has been custom made for you. Not only do we provide you an easy and convenient platform, we reward you for every transaction you make depending on how much you spend. So you decide how much you want to spend and we will reward you for it. That’s not all, all our event tickets are discounted to prices you will not find anywhere else.

5.Versatility for your MTN Mobile Money

Did you know you can buy airtime and data for any network with MTN Mobile Money? The cat finally is out of the bag. Xente App provides this feature only available to you, because you are now one of us.

Welcome to the Xente Family, Get it Now.

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