Uncensored random thoughts flitting through a sexual mind

Hi, I am Professor Miako Intenso

On a lazy afternoon, my mind is buzzing with some sexual reflections, thoughts, and points of view. I write them here unfiltered, as they come.

1. I get turned on by minor sexual actions and gestures.

2. I vacillate between raging lust and rigid morality.

3. If there was an award for misreading sexual signals, I would win hands down. In my pocket, playing billiards😊

4. In the heat of the moment spontaneous sex beats planned sexual encounters. One can always repent at leisure😊

5. I feel have never utilised my full sexual potential.

6. Sometimes masturbation beats screwing, especially to the right stimulation. No expectations, no pretence. The only person you need to please is yourself 😉

7. I fantasise that what I write touches each of my readers sexually at some level. All of you who have bothered to read this trash are my lovers 😊

Please share some of your innermost sexual thoughts with me. Love me, hate me, but please don’t ignore me😊

Professor Miako does not access mails.Messages can be sent on intensementalarosal@gmail.com. They will be passed on to him. Please write!

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