A Christian Perspective of Successful People in the 21st Century…

The successful people around the world, especially the big names of the 21st Century should teach us a lesson.

Bill Gates or the Microsoft — where in they claim they created operating system because “they just love writing softwares”. Steve Jobs- who famously quoted “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Mark Zuckerburg, who created facebook, according to one of his interview that: “People just cannot believe to the fact that I created facebook because I just want to create something new. ” All of these people, though not Pius/religious- they have excelled and been successful in their lives. It is not because they want to be successful or desires much for money but because their intentions are pure yet simple. They love their work, Loving their work does not only brings excellence and perfection of work but it attracts in seeing the “good” of the work, since love is only motivated when there is goodness that can be seen to the object he is loving.

However, this is reflection is not something new but it’s just a reminder and a wake- up call for us not to take our jobs for granted but to embrace it and take is an opportunity to become a better person, not just become more skilled but also to take the excellence of our work in our personal self- personalizing these standards and excellence within us. For even Aristotle had quoted: “The pleasure in the job puts excellence in the work” .