Today I was once again reminded of the uncertainty of life. I think we are probably faced with this everyday, through news and social media outlets, but some hit home more than others. If you are not waking up every day at least on the path of happiness it is time for change. Take a moment and recognize that every second of every day is a gift…it can be taken away at anytime. I guarantee the second you truly think about that, process that, and ultimately accept that you will live a very different life. Your spouse that you constantly complain about, you will either recognize his/her positive attributes or you will leave and move on. That job that you hate going to everyday, you will either find a way to move up from your current position or you will leave and pursue your passion. All of that hate and animosity you are holding onto…you will recognize that your energy can be utilized so much better elsewhere. Thank whatever God, divinity, or deity that you believe in for every day that you have been blessed with thus far but know there is no guarantee of the next second so spend it wisely! Live your life wholeheartedly, honestly, and vulnerably!!!! If you’re gonna go out…go out knowing that you lived your life to its fullest!!! As my wise brother-in-law likes to say…you can’t be big time part time!!!!

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