3 Common Errors to Avoid During a PPC Campaign

If PPC is poorly executed, then there are higher chances of a failed campaign that will cost you heavily on your time, money and complexity. You will definitely want to enhance the planning and execution part that will lead to better engagement and perhaps turn leads into customer. To make sure you always stay at the top of the game and deliver a perfect PPC campaign, hire a consultant of repute to avoid these following mistakes at all costs.

Cluttered Landing Page — The whole purpose of landing pages is to gain conversions and is definitely a key component of PPC success. Viewer tends to get distracted when you give too many options at landing page as it clutters the whole page. Moreover when there are many actions to perform, viewers somehow loose interest even after clicking and ultimately there won’t be any tractions.

Incorrect Campaign Timing — Timing plays a key role in India as it can make or break a campaign! It’s the most essential ingredient for a PPC success. Be it business or other network, if you time your PPC on weekend or during absurd time, there are greater chances of not getting the desired results. In fact as per consultants, weekdays are the best and trying to incorporate the timing either on Tuesday or Thursday early morning for can bring the required transformation.

Neglecting Negative Keywords — We all know the impact of positive keywords on campaign, but you’re not aware of how much success a negative keyword can bring about. It has the power to eliminate undesired traffic and gives campaign the ultimate boost by generating relatable prospects. Negative keywords are the best when it comes to raising click-through rates and increase return on investment (ROI).