Marathon Running & Music- Part 1

Some years ago, I guess it was just after graduating in 2006, I started running. That was pretty surprising, especially considering the fact that I hated running and sucked pretty hard at it when I was a teenager. I was and still am more into thai-boxing and thought that running was for pussies. Nevertheless though, I wanted to increase my cardiovascularity and took my dirty sneakers.

After 200 meters I had a heartbeat of 190 and thought Mike Tyson had given a sucker punch to my liver. That was pretty exhausting and I had totally underestimated this running thing. However — after some weeks — I could run for ten minutes while listening to some phat Miami Bass mix on my MP3 player that I had downloaded from the interwebz. Now I think of it, MP3 players give me a feeling nowadays of walkmans, but that shouldn’t be the direction of this story.

Running and the right music — it turned out to became essential

Soon it become autumn and i stopped running, until years ago. I live downtown Rotterdam, which is known to be the running capital of the Netherlands. Together with 2 of my mates, we picked up our dirty sneakers again and ran the classic route of Rotterdam: Willemsbrug / Kop van Zuid / Erasmusbrug / Boompjes. It is a really nice route with some spectacular views of the skyline of the city, and with its distance of 3.3 kilometers it is an easy one for beginners. Although when we started we did it in two parts. We didn’t really train, it was more of a social habit to run. If it was more than 4 times a month it was a darn lot. This changed somewhere the beginning of 2014, when we extended the route with an additional 1.7k — because 5k just sounds better. During these runs I stopped listening to any music, because we were talking to each other while running. You know, the manly gossip chats and such.

And then i became addicted to the runners high. That 5k became a solid 8k on the warmest day of 2014. Another mate of mine had the luminous idea to option for the so called bridge run, which crosses 7 different bridges in my hometown and has a total distance of 15K. It was never my intention to run this far, but what the heck. We nailed the 15k in 1 hours 37 minutes. Hell yeah.

My mom actually asked me during the prep for that 15K , if I had any plans to run the marathon in my hometown. It got me thinking — but first, I wanted to do the half marathon. So I checked the website, turns out there is only a 10 k and the full one in Rotterdam. That 10k run wasn’t really a challenge anymore, but the marathon, that would be spectacular.

The real training started on the tenth of January 2015, my grandmas bday. I ran my first 21k in the winter, dramatical weather included. Happy happy joy joy, world domination — The only problem was, that I got intensely bored after 110 minutes of running without any distraction from anything whatsoever.

I needed a freakin beat.

// end of part 1