Enemy Concept Art

Hello, everyone! After several posts talking about the game design for Nevermore, today we’ll go back to the subject of art! This time, we’ll be explaining some aspects of the concept art for our first enemies.

Nevermore has two major groups of enemies:

1- Enemies common to all the worlds: These are creatures spawned by dark forces that wander about in the Universe of Nevermore, bringing severe headaches to our fellow heroes.

2-Enemies specific to each fairy tale: This group covers the creatures corrupted by the forces of darkness, inspired or taken from the various fairy tales used as the backdrop for our game.

Common enemies

To create the concept art for those characters, we looked into a variety of possible combat mechanics, varying levels of strength and HP, to generate a wide array of generic characters that could be explored during various moments of the game. As such, we’ll have ground-based creatures, flying foes, some more resilient, some more agile, etc. All with the goal of increasing the diversity factor and making the game more interesting and fun.

On the image above, we have a couple examples of already finished enemies.

Absentia is the most basic enemy in the game. With mostly weak and sneaky attacks, they will be appearing throughout the game in larger hordes. Its concept art presents it as the smaller of the enemies. With it’s mostly blob-like body structure, having no limbs whatsoever, it’ll move around in small hops.


Desperatio is an opponent with swift attacks, popping up in smaller hordes. It’s represented as a medium-sized foe, with a slim and well-articulated body structure, to support the idea of agile movements and allow for a greater flexibility in its animations.

Trucidatio is a mighty opponent with powerful attacks. Displaying a much higher physical strength and constitution, it’ll move about slowly and appear with a lesser frequency. Its concept art seeks to emphasize its strength and low mobility, with a sturdier, less articulate body structure.

Common traits

To create a larger sense of visual consistency throughout the game, we opted to translate the idea of corruption into these creatures through glowing marks spread throughout their bodies, like tattoos with certain patterns common to all enemies.

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

The fairy tales we’ll be using as the backdrop for our game offer us a generous pool of interesting characters that we can delve into to find enemy ideas for each of the worlds. As such, we already have a couple of decisions set in stone regarding the use of some of those characters in our game.

In the world of Red Riding Hood, we opted for the creation of a wolf enemy. The figure of the wolf itself is largely present in this tale, having one as the main villain. For that reason, we’ll have it featured not only in the form of hordes of smaller, common wolf foes but also as the main boss that will be faced at the end of the tale, the infamous Big Bad Wolf with his large eyes, claws and teeth. ;)

In the ever so rich universe of Alice in Wonderland, the array of possibilities is almost endless. What we can already confirm, however, is that we will see the presence of the widely famous card soldiers as enemies, with a variety of different weapons and abilities. Another well-known name we couldn’t leave out, of course, is the Queen of Hearts herself, that shall be featured as a powerful stage boss, ready to cut off some heads!

Well, that about covers it, everyone. We plan on exploring as much as possible all of this vast richness of content from those tales. We already have some well defined choices, but we’ll be talking more about the subject in future posts, as things move along and we produce new concept artworks. Until next time!

Gabriella .Bee. Balista - Art Director

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