ICE — The latest tool for school

Get the latest cool tool for school today! I.C.E. or interactive classroom educator is an online learning app allowing teachers to instruct their lessons online via the internet. Learn more about this amazing product here:

About ICE:

According to their website, ICE gives complete control of lesson content sharing to the instructor creating an environment that can maximize student understanding and learning in a unique and powerful way.

ICE allows the instructor to present their prepared document to students or participants in a controlled sequence and layout.

ICE allows the instructor to present information to the students when the instructor is ready to share with some parts visible and some parts hidden to the online viewer.

ICE works both in a WAN or Cloud classroom environment.

ICE is designed so that the instructor can use MS Word, and the students can see and comment on their own document. The instructor can show and hide parts of their document or interactively alter parts of the shared document. Each student’s copy is automatically updated.

ICE documents are secure – each student cannot see any other student’s comments – which is quite different to a SkyDrive shared document.

ICE is currently designed to work with Microsoft Word 2013 and very soon a pair of new products will be released that will work with Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 and Microsoft Excel 2013.

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