Apparently Senator Lindsey Graham Speaks With A Forked Tongue

Why did this ludicrous vote narrowly fail?

photo/report credit the NYTimes

Yet, Senator Graham and Johnson still voted for the skinny repeal anyway hours later…

The real Senator Lindsey Graham

Even though Senator Graham labeled it a “disaster” and “a fraud” there might be some benefit to him as a vote cast for in a duplicitous manner.

Furthermore this vote to repeal aspects of the Affordable Care Act that would leave 15 million more Americans without insurance next year by Congressional Budget Office estimates is inanely cruel. This veil of resentment envisioned by 49 Republican senators to erase Number 44’s signature achievement at the expense of the health of their constituents, and on some of the constituents behalf is just telling. 🤔

Repealing the Affordable Care Act is hardly a conservative matter, it is a politically ideological one. Most rational conservatives embrace reforms that would be fiscally sound when it comes to the rising costs of healthcare. Their rationale plausibly posits that if these costs go unaddressed our nation risks having lower productivity by being bogged down and harmed by unaffordable care and lack of patient protections. The repeal would inevitably and provably result in a culminating loss for U.S. productivity in many aspects of global competitiveness. This is summarily due to the hard to ignore facts stated by David Frum, senior editor of The Atlantic.

The Atlantic

What conservatives would rather see is a reduction in ill-advised tax exemptions for rich businessmen, incentives that make doctors less complicit in health scams and shams with services provided which results in wasteful spending in real costs burdened on everyone else.

So when Senator Tim Scott (R)-SC, the only republican Black senator, punctuates his weasel words in this way on his website…

“I committed to the voters of South Carolina seven years ago, three years ago and again last year that I would work to repeal and replace Obamacare with a health care system that focuses on patients and doctors, not bureaucrats in Washington…”

…He too, speaks with a forked tongue among many of his snake-y political benefactors and allies.

The chart above seemingly suggests that the three Republican Senators are less ideologically conservative, but this is a misplaced conceptualization proferring a misleadingly false narrative. This has nothing to do with them being less conservative as McCain as demonstrably shown. It more so indicates that they are simply more rational on the “skinny repeal” bill and less politically inclined to go along with the charade that was being deceptively passed through last night by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell for politically ideological reasons — sustain undemocratic power.

And so the idiocracy continues…

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