Apparently Medium decided that I was no longer interested in your words, as you stopped showing up…
Sherry Kappel

Hey Sherry, well it’s good to be back and resisting again.

Sarah Palin is basically the female version of a vindictive Donald Trump. It wouldn’t be long before her incompetence catches up with her. They both ran on rhetoric that is more imaginative than realistic, one that divides rather than unites.

Alaskans are not proud of her and they actually find her reign to be an embarrassingly regretful episode. We can learn a lot from Alaska, however the political media complex thinks otherwise and so it appears the state has gone dark. But that’s populism for ya!

Like Donald Trump she is more so a brand than a leader. Both narcissists are convinced that they, and only they can make America Great Again. They also have no knowledge of American history nor have any clue about world history, let alone handle geopolitical matters.

This is beyond incredulous, we have abandoned democracy and have embraced idiocracy. It is disconcerting and aside from placing blame squarely on partisan politics, a more plausible root cause would be our failing education system or institutions that allow such anti-intellectualism to propagate and flourish.