My Real Talk Though Series #3

Yeah, Trump Tried’ It!

state dept via tumblr

This alleged attack is absolutely a heinous act carried out in a recklessly desperate and oppressive manner that I am sure most would agree upon.

But President Trump loses me when he suggests or lays blame on President Obama and his administration when he established “a ‘red line’ against the use of chemical weapons and then did nothing.”

But sir, you explicitly agreed with Obama’s line of reasoning 3 1/2 years ago…

Which leads me to wonder more about your personal ambition and preoccupation with apparent vindictiveness in taking on this tremendous task as POTUS.

Now since that was then and this is now, we are left wondering if Trump will be seeking congressional approval to respond or is simply joining the chorus of condemnation?

What can we intelligently draw from this predicament. Any leader of a nation the size of Syria can amass chemical weapons for warfare, even after being pressured and ordered to remove them by the global community. We should not underestimate this quandary, nor can we assume having a full scope of the hidden complexities of Syria’s civil war. It is not something we should ignore, nor is there a simple solution for dealing with an issue that inevitably bears grave and long term consequences. A sovereign’s civil conflict is complicated because of the historical pretext and its various factions involved that hold varying degrees of interest to their cause.

America’s stance and role in this instance is being tested and the world is watching. The president’s argument thus far is troubling and illogical. In this same instant of tone and gravity the president managed to undermine it by being laughably (in a half-chuckle) incoherent and vapid. In foreign affairs it is imperative that the U.S. give the appearance of democratic competence and unity behind matters like these.

However, the president seems bent on continuing his expired campaign of mudslinging outside U.S. borders and throughout his presidency. Is this tired anti-Obama rhetoric the only rational persuasion Trump holds to get a republican Congress to act with his decision on a determined response?

If so it would be riddled with absurd fallacies. Trump’s affirmation to the consequent — with the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime — is an appeal to that weird, wayward emotion of discontent with President Obama and not the foreign policy decision itself. It could quite possibly serve as a red herring to further absolve Trump in any unforeseen failed attempt to resolve or quite frankly in abandoning the issue entirely as a loss cause.