Let Them Fucking Die
Son of Baldwin

Paralytic Ignorance

Some of these negative responses suggests that there may have been some insult hurled towards the moral sensibilities (of oppressors and sub oppressors) when the author theorized the unchecked aiding and abetting of oppression/racism and its immoral consequences. It is quite evident that they ignore the a priori — cause and effect by narrowly focusing on the sensationalized outcome.

Neglecting the provocative political record of Scalise in all of this is idiotic, lazy, and careless. Scalise is one of many representing a longstanding rhetoric of depravity under the guise of democracy within a faulty institution that rewards and privileges such perversity in our society. It should behoove the ones that balk at the premise offered to reconsider the conscious or subconscious (personally mediated) oppression/racism that is being espoused wittingly and or unwittingly within the ripostes seen here and there.

And stop wasting your prayers on the damned.