No. All of my research into this matter points to Russia doing what it has been doing all over the…
Caleb Ramsby

SMH…great retort Caleb for dismantling another example of this pervasive and collective disposition shared in this particular groupthink phenomena that negates considerable evidence to the contrary. There are three aspects to consider at play here…

  • There is consensus mounting that conspiratorially posits the FBI hacked the DNC and scapegoated Russia which would make this a tragic failure of our democratic institution to which Trump would heroically rescue us from — dispositional attribution. Our refusal to believe this is because Trump won the election.
  • The distinction of this event warrants this spectacle of society into being — confusing and entertaining an implausible rationale. This can be attributed to the captivatingly narcissistic personality of Trump — dispositionally.
  • There is consistency stemming from the president “draining the swamp”, or casting the media as “enemy of the people” that supports faulty logic and attribution — again dispositionally.
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