The U.S. Government: A Beast Of Burden

It is more than just obvious that Republican politics is more about preserving white ideology, or restoring a crumbling white privilege than seeking to resolve racial inequality and discriminatory practices. A majority of Republicans view government now as a monstrosity of overreach with too many government programs that they allege to be aimed at placing undue and unfair advantage into the outstretched hands of minority Americans. In their eyes this obese entity is seen as slow and cumbersome when it comes to protecting U.S. interests and maintaining nationalistic pride both domestically and abroad. This is what drives this “starve the beast” mantra and mentality. This is for all intents and purposes the conservative movement.

But if government becomes smaller under the guise and auspices of libertarian efficiency then, as taxpayers, what or whom would serve to protect and defend your civil rights from the civil liberties of a white majority whose historical colonial precedents and policies of marginalization were dehumanising and an absolute threat to the union which predates the Civil War?

Meanwhile, it is increasingly clear that Democrats on the other hand will continue to maintain an unhealthy and inconsistent government by ignoring proper budgetary diet or imploring an exercise of insufficiency with our institutions, with what sometimes seem like an abusive and crass effort to tame the beast for politically showcasing power and economic gains.

The traditional elites and the counter-elites add an aditional layer of complexity to this political dynamic. They have argued and debated before us how efficient or inefficient capitalism has been and how regulated and unfettered markets are diametrically good and bad for us all, when apparently it is has always been majorly good for the one percent either way. And since Donald Trump has proved himself disloyal to either political party — or just loyal to himself, he has resorted to sowing and harvesting a populistic rhetoric — that the political system is in fact rigged. Ironically, this serves to destroy the beast altogether.