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Are You Serious?!

USA Today


Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, also stated that ‘poverty was merely a personality defect’.


Yes! I know right!

Poverty for the most part is actually a social conditioning primarily caused by governments, ironically.

Oh, it gets better.

To rip and burn a page out of the HUD Secretary’s book called “Its the Poor Stupid”, that very state of mind that Mr. Carson has so matter-of-factly suggested was implanted by government to give the appearance that there is great scarcity around us. This is some of the many contusive methods of enforcing the zero-sum game on to you.

For instance there is food scarcity, even though we throw 31 tons of food away per day in this country alone.

Oh and let’s not forget that Education too, has become somehow scarce, even though education is touted by Carson and others as the great equalizer yet, average tuition rates have risen at an average rate of 3.5% per year beyond inflation. Our government not only insists on not paying our teachers well they also refuse to provide them with the tools needed to teach effectively. Our government has taken this idiocracy a step further and have devalued the public school system before our very own eyes. They are now trying to cajole you into believing that school vouchers give you a better choice.

So while you are paying both taxes and tuition (in essence a double-taxation) for what has been traditionally a compulsory education–a universal human right, they can, and are slowly de-funding public schools so as to not provide that fundamental right. Ah, capitalism at its extremest. They have intentionally allowed the public school system to become a substandard and therefore less competitive in an effort to privatize and deregulate the system.

And housing, is there really a shortage or this a ruse to give the appearance of and hide bias against affordable housing? The underclass is never worthy because they are always seen as a scourge on the economy.

All of what I have mentioned has and will undoubtedly create more inequality.

I would call this willful impoverishment on the part of our government.

This is just one of a series of tropes to invoke smaller government from the republican franchise, one that is even more amenable to plutocratic liberty-financing policies. It can best be described as democratic subterfuge.

The White House has misdiagnosed government debt as a symptom and named its cause the underclass — its virus. The White House seeks to eradicate this strain from society so that the governing body can conservatively function in terms of its wants and not its needs.

Looking Through The Broken Window Fallacy Of The White House

The opportunity costs embedded in the proposed budget cuts coming from the White House are aimed squarely at reducing government spending and affording the impending tax cuts that wholly benefit the rich. The spending which constitutes safety net programs as well as domestic programs that induce inclusive opportunity and participation into the economy — an effort to mitigate the ravages of impoverishment are not seen from through the panes of this White House administration. Instead this hidden cost to everyone else who benefits and appreciates these programs are rationalized as limited resources that have perilously ballooned the debt.

I can go on but the motivated ignorance here is so palpable, so intense that I need an aspirin to prevent me from puking right now.

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