How to Choose a Perfect Car Lift for Your Workshop?

Car lifts, also known as the vehicle or automotive lifts are one of the most useful tools that any mechanic needs in their maintenance and repair workshop as most of the work to be done happens underneath the car. By using these lifts, you can really make your work quite simple, especially if you are fixing the brakes or working on transmission/engine.

Although most professional shop owners know what lifts will work best for them, sometimes they may even be able to accommodate a 2 post and a 4 post car lift in their service bays.

When you think about installing a car lift in your garage, you need to ensure that you not only have enough room for the lift but also enough space to work safely around the vehicle. Before making a decision about which car lift to choose, you need to measure your garage and make sure that the lifting height will not be impeded by the roof. Apart from that, you can also follow these steps to make an informed choice.

Ask a specialist

Sometimes it is better to take help from a specialist when you need an advice on a technical matter. Choosing a car lift for your garage warrants that time when a specialist advice may come in handy. You can also look up various websites, study their specifications and then talk to one of the company representatives to help you assess your need better.

Determine the vehicles that will be lifted through the car lift

To choose the perfect car lift, you must know the type of cars that this lift will have to support. Also take the weight of these cars into account to check the lifting capacity of these lifts. You may be asked by the company representative if you plan to use these lifts for a home garage or a mechanical workshop. The intended use of the car lift will help you decide the features that you want.

Choosing between 2 Post or a 4 Post

Ask the technician to help you choose between 2 post and a 4 post car lift. After they have carefully assessed your space availability, need and intended use, the specialist will be able to recommend you the perfect option.

Figuring out the technical details

Once the type of car lift has been determined, now you need to determine the lifting capacity that you need. Depending on the type of cars you will work with, you can pick a vehicle lift that is most suitable to your needs. Make sure that your garage slab has a minimum thickness of 4 inches to support the weight and the height of the workshop allows the lift to be hoisted without any interruptions. Also check warranties on all the products before buying.