Back on an airplane to get to our next adventure.

We got up 2:45am to get on a flight towards coastal central Vietnam to a town called Da Nang. The flight was short. We are now here, exhausted. Going to look for a place to rent for the whole month. This will give us some time to explore, make friends and engage deeper into the culture. We’ve been advised to look at a near by town called Hoi An. So far Da Nang is less crowded, less polluted then Sai Gon. A cute beach town. I’m hoping to find a place to settle into by Monday. Until then we are staying in a cute, clean and inexpensive hotel. How much do you think we are paying for two rooms here.

The family who runs it speaks no English. They have their translator and we have ours. It’s been quite an interesting morning.

Azatar and the older kids are napping.

Sunny and Tulip are learning about cable TV in Vietnamese. They have only really experienced streaming and smart TV’s. In English.

Tulip keeps mimicking Vietnamese. Making songs of the sounds.

I’m not feeling well. Every time I get up I feel as though I’m going to pass out. I also have the runs. The food here is a little much for my all organic non dairy gluten free stomach. And we are still getting used to the heat.

Everyone else seems to be doing fine food and stomach wise. Although Sunny has a slight runny nose, the kids are adapting well, much better then I it seems.

I’m going to try to take a nap. We go to look at a house soon.

One last cute thing. Sunny and Tulip are talking to imaginary people on the phone.

Have a beautiful day 💗💗