I feel fear.

A fear I did not know I would feel in this moment. I knew leading up to this moment I should keep myself busy. And I did mostly. But this evening as I sit here in a moment of pause, I think, ”We should have gone to Disneyland!”

Today we would not have procrastinated. We would have packed if tomorrow we were going to Disneyland! But instead we hung out with Azatar’s parents and our friends where we are staying. Eva dyed our hair.

Tulip got some blue and pink. Ivy’s hair went from black to blonde. Azatar and I went platinum. Half of my head became art while the other remained as it was.

We ate food together, transformed our reflection together but alas, we did not pack. So tomorrow we wake and pack and clean up where we stayed. We have errands to run like completing our step parent adoption packet and pictures for our visas and then we get on a plane.

Where are we going?

Where are we going you ask? May I ask you please. Where do you think we are going? Please answer in the comments. 🌞🌞