Paradise Party/Pain Parade

The Proper Paragons (Lawful Good)

Peregrine Merl: Archwizard of Earth 2, founder of the chroniclers, enslaved by Desarha in the Wind Obelisk

Nikolaas Imbring: Most powerful non-corseum immortal in Veur, Eldritch Knight, Mystic Theurge, Santa, founder of the Saints’ Guild, lives at North pole, offers to martyr for the unchosen

Guy Fieri: Flavortown, U.S.A.

The Pure People (Neutral Good)

Silde Skarsgard: Lochreich Necro/Flame totem professor, discovered Totem magic, High Elf, Duelist

Yugen E.: “The Wisher”, Celebrated author, immensely powerful, St. William, Skylord Acolyte, Lich, martial artist

Solange Knowles: Queen of Nomark, can out-mindwrack Noon, apocalypse oracle, barbarian

Fawn: High Elf/Drow, half brother of Demi, usurped Elite with Siohn, married to Siohn Desolas (Duke of Ardea), blue eyes, Skylord acolyte, albino

The Paradise Party (Chaotic Good)

Loomis Moonruiner: Tomenkiran cleric, Jotunn, Lasia archeologist, servant of story, lover of Abalone, father of Demi (unaware), raised as a Lich by Yugen, Omvi-war general

Yanis Barreltooth: Lochreich Illusionist, Bard, Proprietor of the Ishalon Circus, catfolk

Abalone Torbjornson: Tomenkiran Paladin/general, Aunt of Torbjorn, lover of Loomis, dragon disciple

Xruylphado Uazauph: Order of Chaos Archwizard, nerd, half-faerie

Seyonce Kowles: Shaman, bard, Sorceress, Alchemist, Iroquu rebel leader, Aquilon/Iroquu, lover of Amarie, Jotunn

Noon Kniemsea: High Elf/Aasimar, Lochreich Technical Director (retired), invented the Mindwrack, martial savant

Fluitrohie Druatrirs: fighting destiny, mother of Thereleigh, two of her, lover of Sam, sailing the S/R Shard with the Sams, being pulled back to Silene by the whispers, stuck on Acferro

Sam: Sailor, two of him, father of thereleigh, “ “

The Peace Patrol (Lawful Neutral)

Cosgrim: Dwarven Lich, horizonwalker, barbarian, father of Yugen, Skylord: The Malfeasance

Siohn Desolas: Duke of Ardea, Elfman, Skylord acolyte

The Progression Procession (Neutral Neutral)

Bandy O.: Drunken monk, kruppe-ish, Albino high elf, father of Fawn, lover of Sylova, oracle

Isaac Slade: Bard, The knot

Joe King: Bard, the knot

The Pleasure Posse (Chaotic Neutral)

Snatch St. Patrick: Thieves guild operative, wants to steal the Cowl of Nocturna, sworn enemy of Dick Valentine, killed the other Chosen CNs alongside Dick Valentine, working against Freqralae

Dick Valentine: famous bard, vampire, illusionist, Kioran, “ “

The Pain Parade (Lawful Evil)

Rude Murdersen: passive aggressive vampire

Crime Von Death: Dr Doomy, Lord of Hollenheim, hollenhund

Knifes Nastyman: Imperium torturer

John Murder: Theatre director, serial killer, Kioran

2Genocides: Barbarian princess, cannibal, Old Aquilon revivalist, Reaping denier

Bad Ron: Evil Ron Cunningham, black shirt, jeans, converse, smokes in his shirt sleeve, Leader, still a real estate agent

The Pedestrian Pricks (Neutral Evil)

Papa John: Forces people to eat cold pizza, mildly racist

The Hamburglar: the Scourge of Konspedj, kinda like the joker but facile

Martin Shkreli: High elf asshole

Paul The Sexy Orphan: loves a good trap

Sylova: banished, former Drow matriarch, cosmonaut, sorceress, dragon disciple, Omvibeum acolyte, mother of Demi and Fawn, lover of Bandy/Loomis

The Psycho Pukes (Chaotic Evil)

Bug Dan: So many bugs

Slitwristicus Blowme: Verbally abusive, Genius, humorous, maniacal but steady, Lich

The Burning One: Pure destruction

Pube Mist: Ambivalent, incredibly powerful

Sybian Switchblade: Sadomasochist, efficient, ocd, neurotic

Paper Cuts O’Houlihan: like gambit but no energy, brooklynite, mildly racist but won’t admit it

Donovan “The Sublimator” Archangel: Leader, super hot, Aasimar, wings, physicist, neurosurgeon, high elf, sharpshooter, toys with victims, never smiles, impeccable dresser

Andrea Marrowhill: Unhinged, addicted to constant violence even to herself, romance novelist, Drow nobility, Cersei puppetmaster

Freqralae An’Otanua Dalavari Ka’anadoso Nalle: Seeks control of the Abyss, Demon, initially enslaved by Archangel, later compatriots, jazz-fusion musician

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