How to Build a Neuron: Exploring AI in JavaScript Pt 1
Eric Elliott

Eric: Good article in the right direction. As a person who has emulated the full nervous system of an animal (C elegans:, as well as, I am also a co-founder of the OpenWorm project that you cite), I want to point out a couple of things. Firstly, computer neural networks (DNNs, CNNs, ANNs, etc) are nothing like the way the brain or neurons work. I get really tired of hearing this false statement. You start with the concept of AI and then dive into how neurons function but just to be VERY clear, wetware and software, as in neural networks, are distinctly different and IMO DNNs et al will never gain the ability to emulate biological systems or AGI. Secondly, there is new developments rapidly coming in the field of Artificial Biological Intelligence that will progress machine intelligence way beyond current neural network developments. Connectomics and other paradigms you so well express in your neuron functionality above, are paving the way to fully emulate nervous systems into a computer. I work with Connectomic AI and I am working on artificial connectomes ( for the fact that a lot of what biological nervous systems do are not needed for apps and robotics (e.g. keeping a heart and lungs working), as well as, a lot of behaviors are unwanted (e.g. animal biting). This is where the true machine intelligence lies and whats even more interesting is that these systems can be self-contained and use relatively little computing power to work as well, if not better than the current computer power hogs like Deep Learning. I look very much forward to your next article regarding this subject.

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