All’s Favorite Kitchen Designing Ideas Which Are Trending in Today’s Time!

A well designed kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. It is an everyday celebration and a delighted place to serve meal on an occasion. Kitchen is considered to be a place to bring the family together. It is a key area of the home where we experience the feeling of weal and woe as well as realize the essence of having a family. There can be no better place at a home where all family members can gather together and share their opinions on a point than the kitchen. 
So, quite obviously, kitchen is the most significant part of a home that requires utmost care and consideration while building or remodeling a house. To have the most functional and well designed kitchen all it takes is an apt layout. A layout is the most significant part of a kitchen that will determine how easy it can be to cook, eat and socialize in the kitchen. The layout is that integral aspect that addresses the correct placement of the cabinets, counters, appliances, sinks, furniture as well as windows and doors.

Let’s talk a little about a few of the top types of kitchen layouts which are widely accepted and appreciated by the interior designers and homeowners alike.

• Straight Kitchen Layout -

A straight kitchen layout is one such design that can moderately fit to all sorts of budget and space. It is actually an ideal design for the small kitchen areas where relatively lesser time is spend by family members. A straight kitchen is a one-wall kitchen layout with counter space on both sides of the cooking range. This type of design typically includes convenient placement of appliances, cabinet storage and implements of cooking vessel for easy reach. This type of kitchen provides little extra space and looks clutter free. This is more popular among today’s millennial generation who spend little time at home& small families.

• Parallel Kitchen Layout -

Parallel Kitchen Layout has two long parallel platforms to work on that can be divided into two parts -wet and dry. The one part of the platform can be used for washing and cooking while the other part is good to be used as an additional work space such as for keeping appliances, chopping vegetables or simply for using your laptop or any other digital device while you are waiting for your cooker to whistle. This type of Kitchen is generally preferred for the small & medium kitchen room sizes by nuclear families. It can be most value for money concept since at one side cost is not very high and on other side it can fulfill all minimum requirements of Indian nuclear families.

• L-shaped Kitchen Layout -

L-shaped Layout is one of the most popular and classic styles to compliment the modern kitchen designs. This type of kitchen design is pretty convenient to work on, particularly for the small joint family or the family that loves organizing social gathering as it provides a continuous working platform. If you wish, you can accommodate an island also in the L-shaped kitchen, which can be used as a prep table for various purposes.It is ideal for families who prefers continuity while working in small kitchens and also require sufficient storage.

• U-shaped Kitchen Layout -

U-shaped Kitchen Layout features three walls that are lined with cabinets and countertops. It is indeed the most practical kitchen design that can provide an additional run of potential storage or appliance space compared with an L-shaped kitchen. While U-shaped kitchens are good to go for the large spaces, even small kitchens can benefit from this shaped design. For small kitchens, you just need to be sure to have at least 2 meters of moving-around space between the opposite banks of units. Generally it is preferred by medium size or large size families where in more number of people can work together in kitchen.

• G-shaped Kitchen Layout -

G-shaped Kitchen Layout features a cabinetry configuration that has a preparation-area peninsula and four walls of storage. G-shaped Kitchen designs are all the rage in the current home designing trend. However, what make this style popular is not its characteristics of providing a tremendous amount of storage space but its feature of facilitating the chef of the home to have an easy access to the cooking supplies. This type can provide the most organized kitchen with lot of convenience while cooking the food.

• Island Kitchen Layout -

Island Kitchen Layout is the hot favorite of the time and it is just ideal for the small families with no separate dining space. This style of kitchen design typically includes a counter top, which can be easily accessed from all the sides. This counter top is unattached to the main working platform;so, homeowners can use it for the varying purposes such as for chopping vegetable, for making salad, for decorating dishes, for serving food and also as a dining area. Most of the modern nuclear families in which husband & wife both are working prefer this type since it provides multi-purpose platform to save extra movements & efforts and saves lot of time.

These are just a few of the kitchen designing ideas which are trending in today’s time. However, if none of the above seems appealing to you and you want to come up with some more innovating and interesting kitchen design for your dream home, consider getting in touch with a pro interior designer.

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