Strategies: 16 small business resolutions for 2016

As the new year rolls out, many have resolutions to start running, lose weight, or to save for a trip.

USA TODAY published an article related to a 16 resolutions list for small businesses. Here is the top 5, from our perspective. Don't miss the entire article, here!

Bother people; get rejected.

Most small business owners think that if they create a better product or service, customers will naturally come. They won’t. You have to go out there and sell. If you’re afraid of making sales because you think you’re either bothering people or are afraid of being rejected, get over it.

Develop a business plan.

If you want to survive, let alone grow, every year evaluate what’s going on with your business, your customers, competition, finances and operations. Planning gets everyone moving in the same direction.

Start a reserve account.

Cash flow in a small business is always a roller coaster. Build a reserve account of a few month’s operating expenses, and you’ll get less queasy from any sudden drops

Attend or exhibit at a trade show

Trade shows are extremely efficient ways to reach motivated and qualified prospects in one location. Start with local or state trade shows rather than more expensive national shows.

Shop local, shop small

Small businesses should stick together. Work with other small businesses in your community to do joint marketing and spend your dollars with other small businesses too.