Ribbon Dance

Suddenly I understood layers of energy. The sun moves around the Milky Way spawning solar rays, influencing layers upon layers of atmosphere: the planets orbit the sun, the moon orbits the earth and all their known magnetic fields; down to our transmutable biology and thoughts. They’re all cycles, one way or another. What other energetic connections are there that have yet to be measured, if at all possible? We exist within an ecosystem of such complex quantum entanglement that most of it is not understood, certainly not in the realm of structured parameters.

My mind started likening it to a ribbon dance. Ribbons of every imaginable length, width, and color flow from the dancer’s arms. And as the dancer moves, the ribbons move. Each in their own rhythm, differently; not unlike layers of resonance, detectable and not. The movement is energy itself reflecting layers of life like song and dance. Flowing, dancing, playing with light. Pushing the air. Reaching and bending. What is tangible becomes, or is, juxtaposed to a Schrodinger’s measure. Dynamic. Ever changing.

And then it dawned on me. We never retrace our steps. We dance. And the ribbons trail in a ballet of undulating reflections leaving impressions of infinitely colorful experiences in our wake. Forever. Beautiful.