Benefits of International school in Singapore

International school comparing to the local has a lot of advantages.

An international school provides a curriculum different from the one in the local schools — usually it is the International Baccalaureate. Some of the international academies provide more than one curriculum depending on the diversity of the children. The most common practice used in these schools is everyone to speak the English language. Of course, this is the practice in school which is located in non-English speaking countries. Teachers and students both are using the only English language, most of the cases it is their second or third language. Both of them and teachers and students should adapt in order to fully comprehend the material and achieve the best results.

Every international school offers a higher quality education thanks to the teachers. Recruiting an educator is not an easy task, especially when he is going to work with foreign children. That`s why usually teacher are recruited from foreign countries speaking foreign languages. International schools offer them a possibility to travel and teach kids across the world. Different teachers have a different experience and they are ready to share it with colleagues, the result is that most of the students are really keen on exchanging knowledge with their educators.

It is true, that mainstream schools are not as expensive as international academies.

Except for regular fee, there are a lot of camps and trips which are not cheap, either. An advantage is that almost every international school in Singapore has a swimming pool and at least 3 courts, like They have several facilities suitable for different sports activities and art.

If you are looking for a place where your child is going to communicate with foreign children and will develop skills, this kind of school is the right choice. There are a lot of local students who prefer to educate in one of the international schools in Singapore because they offer the better programme. However, for the children of expats, these schools offer comfort environment helping them to adapt. If the whole family has troubles to adapt the school could help them, too. Classes are formed by 10 to 15 students because the main idea is every student to receive an individual attention. All of them are encouraged to ask questions and doing researches. One of the disadvantages of the international schools is that programme is not focused on the exam techniques.

If you choose an international school for your child there are several risks. One of them is that your child could have not enough language proficiency and in result he or she will participate less in the classes. Another risk is that the child could find some of the lessons too difficult because of the different language.

By comparison, international schools are one of the most important tendencies that are going to evolve next few years. People select more and more remote places to migrate with their families and they need quality education for their children. In Singapore there are a lot of international schools because of the diversity of the people, across the world there are thousands.

The right academic support gives not only a chance for a better university degree but a chance for a better life. It is true that if you want to get into a top university you should choose an international school, like in Singapore. Your chances are higher and this could be simply checked in every university database. The main reason is that comparing to a local school, international has better credibility and connections. But the first and the most important step is to ask your child does he or she want to study in international school.

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