The International Postal Code 101

If you have ever dealt with International Zip Code API or postal Code API then you must be wondering what is all this about. So, in this article, we will be discussing all basic things you need to know about ZIP codes. The term “ZIP” in the ZIP codes stands for Zone Improvement Plan that signals at the destination post office as well as delivery region where the letter will be sent for final categorization for delivery. So, to understand clearly, ZIP codes signify delivery areas and routes up to last detail. Vice versa, you can always use a pin code to find out the last detail of the area a post or letter has been sent from or being sent to.

What Are ZIp Codes And How Do These Work?

There are three major segments of a 5-digit ZIP codes that refer to national area, a region, city, as well as the delivery area. The United States Postal Services (USPS) has divided the nation into 10 ZIP code regions. Beginning at the northeast, these are numbered from 0–9. You can Get online free Postcode Validation API at our website.

How To Read A ZIP Code?

After a ZIP code has been assigned with first number, the next two numbers are assigned as per the city. If a specific area has some main city or town, the USPS mostly assigns the first ZIP codes. Post this, the codes proceed alphabetically. Often, the first three digits of ZIP code represent sectional center facility that ZIP code comes from. This facility is the mail categorization and distribution center for an area or zone. A few sectional center facilities have several three-digit codes that have been assigned. For instance, the Northern Virginia sectional center facility in Merrifield has been assigned with four ZIP codes starting from 223, 222, 221, and 220.

The last two digits of ZIP code stand for the area where the mail is being sent. For instance, if a letter is being sent to a ZIP code 47722 then the first figure, 4 would tell you that it is being sent to Indiana, 77 would tell you that it is going to Vanderburgh county (77) in Indiana and 22 would tell you that in Vanderburgh County it will be going to University of Evansville.

ZIP codes are rarely never drawn as per state boundaries. These are designed for giving better efficiency to mailing system. ZIP codes are capable of doing cross country and state boundaries.

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