Do You Have What It Takes To Be An International School Teacher?

Teaching English abroad especially in countries like Bahrain and Qatar is one of the best options teachers may consider especially those who are already getting bored with their dull daily routine and those who want a change of pace. Before applying for teaching jobs in Qatar, be sure to read this article first.

If you feel like you are already getting bored with your dull daily routine, or if you need a change of pace, or perhaps you just want to add a sense of excitement and adventure to your career, you might want to consider applying for teaching jobs in Qatar, in Bahrain, or in any other foreign countries.

Before applying for a teaching job abroad, one of the things that you need to consider is your qualification. Many teachers think twice when it comes to TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language because they feel like they are not qualified due to lack of experience. Some of them think that they will not qualify because they have not taught, worked, or even traveled abroad yet.

But, what really are the requirements that you need to complete in order for you to get hired by an international school? Here are the answers to the common questions and misconceptions about TEFL.

Teaching Experience

Question # 1: Do I need to have an overseas teaching experience to qualify for any teaching jobs in Bahrain or in Qatar?

Answer # 1: No, you do not need to have any overseas teaching experience. However, you need to have at least two years of local teaching experience before you can qualify for an overseas teaching job.

Many people think that teaching abroad is one of the most effective ways to learn how to teach. They think that an international school is a great training ground for them to get their first experience on handling a classroom. What they don’t know is that most international schools want to hire teachers who are already capable of performing their duties and running their own classroom independently.

Language Requirements

Question # 2: Do I need to know how to fluently speak the local language to qualify?

Answer # 2: No, you do not have to fluently speak the local language. You don’t even need to have basic knowledge about it in order to qualify for an overseas teaching job. You just have to know how to speak and write English regardless of what grade-level or subject you will be teaching.

Question # 3: Are there any certification requirements?

Answer # 3: The certification requirements greatly vary depending on where you will be teaching. Some international schools only require teachers to have a teaching license while many others ask for specific certification requirements. It could be a K-3, K-6, K-12, grade level, or subject area certification. Check with the local Department of Education of the country or province to know what kind of certification you need to comply.

Education Requirements

Question # 4: Do I need to have a degree in education in order to become a qualified international school teacher?

Answer # 4: Yes, you absolutely need to hold a Bachelor’s degree in order to become a qualified international school teacher.

Elementary international schools are looking for qualified teachers who hold a degree in elementary education, childhood development, early childhood education, or other related subjects. International middle or high school teachers need to also hold a Bachelor’s or a higher degree. For instance, if you want to teach Social Studies at the secondary level, you need to have a degree in any social sciences like sociology, history, anthropology, and political science.