Top 8 Reasons to choose Mauritius as a Wedding Destination

Many of us when think about a destination wedding, usually we plan to go Hawaii or Caribbean islands. Though, if you wish a truly different destination for your marriage, you should look for Mauritius. It is a volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean, offers a immaculate beach setting for your wedding at very reasonable price.

The island is a center of many different cultures and the main language is English. French is also commonly spoken. The island has perfect climate round the year and a perfect site for brides, grooms and their marriage parties. It’s also one of the best travel destinations on the earth.

Here are some reasons to plan your wedding in Mauritius:

Island position — Mauritius is a small bunch of islands and surrounded with waters. Being a home of lots of natural beauty, Mauritius attracts couples who are looking for destination wedding. Its picture perfect locations and favorable weather turns their wedding into a dream and blessed with lots of happiness and prosperity.

Wedding settings — Mauritius weddings can be a dream comes true. The white sandy coasts and bright blue water of ocean are bordered by mountains wrapped in dense forest. With this amazing region, your wedding photos will come clear and amazing.

Luxurious resorts — Mauritius offers you a number of luxurious resorts particularly in the Grand Baie area. Grand Baie is the most popular region and has many luxurious hotels, bars& restaurants, shopping centers, night pubs, golf courses and other attractions.

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Affordability — A plan to get married in Mauritius can be affordable than any other countries like — America, Europe, Canada and others. Many resorts offer good discount rates for wedding occasions.

Great weather — Mauritius has misty climate almost all around the year. It doesn’t matter which month of the year you plan wedding, you can have a dream wedding.

Multi-cultural — Mauritius is a destination where you can find a mix of culture which makes the island a perfect site to travel. French, Indian, Chinese and European civilizations can be observed in its food, music, arts and dance.

Places of interest — Mauritius hold many breath-taking sites where you can spend your honeymoon. During your romantic journey, you can add some other activities to entertain yourself like — jet-skiing, playing golf, visit to botanical gardens, nightclubs and casinos.

Wedding planners — When you decide Mauritius as your dream wedding destination then must hire a professional wedding planner who will assist you in making your wedding a memorable time.

Whether you have attended a destination wedding in Mauritius or just have heard about it, you should look forward to plan your wedding on this unique island. With all the huge number of charms and cultural functions to choose from, your marriage will be an occasion to remember.

If you are looking for a unique and affordable wedding destination in the world, then consider about Mauritius. Book Mauritius holiday packages and visit this tropical island.