The Arkansas Bitcoin Roundtable and Pig Roast


INTERNAUT Announces the Arkansas Bitcoin Roundtable and Pig Roast

Arkadelphia, Arkansas- February 22, 2016 — With the increased need for consensusing, INTERNAUT has announced they will hold a roundtable of industry experts and entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin capital of Arkansas, Arkadelphia.

Arkadelphia has been home to some of the biggest Bitcoin companies in the space. INTERNAUT, a crypto R&D firm and others I am sure, I just haven’t met them yet.

Invitees include Coinbase, Circle, BTC-E, OKCoin, Facebook, Google, Edward Snowden, President Obama, President Putin and many more.

Topics to be discussed include

  • Are there too many roundtables and conventions?
  • Are they all just so some guys can make a quick buck?
  • How can we make a quick buck on roundtables and conventions?
  • Bitcoin?


Steve Johnson


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