Why We Got Started

We are three college kids who wanted to use a service that didn’t exist. So we decided to build it.

As Entrepreneurship students, we joke that we are going to school for a useless major. After all, can you really “study” entrepreneurship? You can only learn so much about launching a company by studying lean startup methods, business model canvas, and various marketing strategies. What we were all dying for was “the real thing.”

The Intern Betas Team! VP of Growth Samuel Lepak, VP of Customer Development Brandon Fong, and CEO Alec Tranel

After obtaining leadership positions on campus with entrepreneurial organizations, we began searching for more ways to build our connections and skillsets. We asked mentors, peers, and family for insight and the majority of them suggested to search for an internship. Knowing that an internship was the next thing, we wanted to make sure that the internship gave us direct insight on how to develop a product and build a business around it. We figured,

“What better way to learn about launching a company than by working inside of one?”

The problem was, the best internships were nearly impossible to find. In order to find the best internships, it relied on a great deal of personal connections. We had absolutely no desire to have an internship at a large corporation where students enter with a flock of twenty interns, and leave with nothing more than “something to put on a resume.”

When we looked into it more, we realized just how screwed up internships are and discovered that it was a real problem that needed solving.

Our vision is to increase the value of internships — to physically reinvent and restructure how internships are executed. Nobody becomes great without first challenging themselves to think differently. At Intern Betas, we pushed ourselves to do exactly that.

After completing a bare-bone Beta Launch over the summer, we validated our approach to internships. We are in the process of building that product for you and looking to launch it at the end of the month. We are excited to share our progress in our upcoming posts. Our goal with this blog is to serve as a feedback loop; you matter to us and we want to know what we can do better.

We are even more excited for you to challenge us to make the best product. If you believe that you are someone who challenges the status quo, and who wants to be a part of the momentum that increases the value of internships, we welcome you to join us on our journey.

Reach out to us through Twitter: @InternBetas and Email: hello@internbetas.com

With Love,

Brandon Fong | VP of Customer Development | Intern Betas

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