We need to talk about your brain.

The most recent campaign from MailChimp highlights the importance of automation and how, as a small business owner, you just cannot manage everything with your single brain. Here are our best tips to making the most of your second MailChimp brain.

This quirky host is right, your brain just isn’t enough. You are simply unable to juggle the running of your business with knowing who hasn’t finished a purchase or has just signed up to your mailing list.

The best things for the MailChimp Brain

Why struggle with keeping up with a growing audience? A small business owner has better things to do, like selling or making things and not worrying about maintaining a list of people and keeping up the communication on a regular basis.

It sounds like you are ignoring the most important people in your business, your customers, but in reality you aren’t. What you are doing is using the powerful MailChimp system to create a better, more tailored and prompt response to your audience.

That is the best thing for the MailChimp brain.

Why automate your email interactions (for the most part)?

Hitting people at the right time is important, understanding their requirements and their intent without being with them is hard so you need the internet.

MailChimp’s extra brain doesn’t just work on its own, it has other things working with it to meet your customers requirements at the right time. Left something in the cart and gone? Fire an email. Just joined the list and want to know more about your products? Fire an email. Have they just visited your website and want to remarket to them using Google or Facebook Ads? Fire an… hm, make an ad!

These are designed to influence the outcome when your audience are primed and ready and they work much better than your own brain.

These aren’t work light though.

Automation's are great once you set them but understanding when you need them and picking your right moment does take a lot of work. Planning the automation and editing the workflow.

So don’t think you can set it up and forget it, it’s important to make sure you stay right on top of it on a regular basis to make sure it works and responds to your customers requirements for your website.

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