How To Use Free PLR Videos In Your Business

Discover proven ways for using PLR video content in your online business for marketing, sales and business growth.

If you’re wondering what PLR is? Read this. But in a nutshell, PLR for marketers is an opportunity to get digital content like ebooks, videos, reports, articles and others with a brandable license that can be used in to market and grow your online business.

How to use free plr videos
How to use free plr videos

There’s a huge buzz going on on the web about using videos with private label rights to grow online business.

But the big problem is, people download PLR videos and just leave it on their hard-drives without knowing what to do with them.

It’s important to understand that if you’re not going to be using the PLR videos you download, it’s not going to benefit your business at all.

In this article, I’ll share with you proven ways to effectively use your free PLR video courses in your business so that it works for you!

So let’s get started!

  1. Video Marketing — Sites are YouTube offer a major source for high targeted traffic. You can download a free PLR video course, rebrand with with you logo and intro video and upload it to YouTube for traffic. Optimize the video for keywords in your niche and leave a link in your video description so that any one watching your video can visit your blog/website/offer.
  2. List Building — Every online business should be building their email list. Free private label rights videos gives you a chance to offer a video course to your visitors in exchange for an email. you’ll require to have the PLR video course hosted somewhere like Amazon S3, Google drive or any other file host. And deliver it in your welcome email of your list.
  3. Selling Digital Products — Selling information products such as video is very popular in today times. You can create good branded graphics for the videos and resell it under your branding. You can even setup a digital product store and sell it from there and have a wide variety of info products your audience might be interested in. Using plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads with WordPress is an easy way to achieve this.
  4. Affiliate Bonuses — Thinking of promoting an affiliate products? Most PLR products out there allow you to offer it as a bonus. You can use the free PLR you downloaded and offer it as a bonus to anyone that buys through your affiliate links. This is a ninja affiliate strategy! Good sources for digital products with affiliate programs is Clickbank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus.
  5. Coaching Programs — Want to start coaching? Use the PLR video courses you downloaded for free as content to coach your students. Setup a coaching membership using AMember, Wishlist or Digital Access Pass and earn passive income while helping others!

This is just some of the amazing ways you can make use of free PLR video content in your online business. You can find many more ideas, coaching and freebies at my blog.

Final thoughts

Your PLR content is useless if you’re not using it and letting it collect digital dust. You NEED to take action and make it work for you to grow your business. Find some free PLR, download it and start growing your business and building your email list today.

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