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Nov 28, 2016 · 5 min read

(Updated on December 10): This is a running list of the amazingly talented contributors included in the Internet Review of 2016, a crowdfunded book of short essays and art you can buy on Kickstarter right now!

This is not organized in any particular order, and it will be updated as needed. See something missing? Tweet it to Internet Review!

  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Krutika Mallikarjuna on Deadpool
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Stefan Becket on politics in 2016
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Candace Bryan on DAPL
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Jeff Meltz on Realizing Stuff
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Chantal Barlow on the Apology Project
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Chris Scott on winning a pie contest
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Katie Zhu on Chance the Rapper
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Daniel Rivero on Fidel Castro
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Sylvia Artiga Monreal on Latinx
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Allegra Lockstadt, our latest illustrator!
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Erie Meyer (on John Glenn)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Jonny Sun (on @tinycarebot)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Terrell J. Starr (on Russia)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Andre Crawford (on Solange’s A Seat at the Table)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Susie Cagle (a cartoon or two on the presidential election in 2016)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Felix Salmon (on Brexit)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Charles Pulliam-Moore (on self-discovery and queer identity in Moonlight)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Jake Beckman (on Twitter’s trials and tribulations)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! @Seinfeld2000 (on preparing for the 10th anniversary of Bee Movie in 2017)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! H. Alan Scott (a list of “Things I learned about myself in 2016”)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Isaac Butler (on this gross guy being the most 2016 guy of 2016)
  • *Funded by meeting our goal! Boaz Sender (on what happened to open source in 2016)
  • Lina Sergie Attar of Karam Foundation (on Omran Daqnees and Syria)
  • Adam Koford (an illustrated poster of the most notable figures of 2016)
  • April Reign (on why she created #OscarsSoWhite)
  • Anil Dash (on Prince)
  • Vanessa Golenia (on the virality of a Purple Rain-themed subway station)
  • Sasha Frere-Jones (on Gil Scott-Heron’s B-Movie)
  • Amber Discko (on dissecting internet kindness)
  • Jesse Hicks (on the Gawker lawsuit and fallout)
  • Lauren Duca (how to understand the “Ban Men” movement)
  • Conrad Hackett (on the most surprising fact of the year)
  • Liza Donnelly (on illustrating the election and drawing the news)
  • Melissa Rocha (on breaking up in the age of texting)
  • Alex Alvarez (on the philosophy of don’t @ me)
  • Adam Harris (on the continuing Detroit water crisis)
  • Nana Mensah (on Ivanka Trump’s brand)
  • Lori White (on the universal appeal of the Kermit the Frog meme)
  • Michell C. Clark (on the scandal-proof popularity of Drake)
  • Sandra Allen (what Samantha Bee’s show means for women / comedy)
  • Sasha Koren (on the need to keep up with news and social media)
  • Chris Schroeder (what the world has in common in 2016)
  • Colin Jones (on Cleveland’s historic year)
  • Elena Scotti (an original graphic on texting and romance)
  • Andrew Losowsky (on Boaty McBoatface)
  • Africa Jackson (a timeline of the top black characters who died in streaming shows in 2016, including episode and cause)
  • Maris Kreizman (How to find the best books of the year and beyond: A step-by-step guide to discovery)
  • Benjamin Harnett (on emotional dependencies upon viral otters)
  • Emma Roller (on discovering David Bowie and herself)
  • Joe Veix, (a memorial for glom.com, a very strange social network)
  • Josh Gondelman (on “Warriors had a 3–1 lead in the NBA Finals” meme)
  • Tonia Brewer (on the deadly mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando)
  • Dana Schwartz (on the presidential election)
  • Emmett Rensin (on punditry and Twitter)
  • Helen Rosner (on performative consumption)
  • Colin Meyn (on South and Southeast Asia’s shifting political powers)
  • Josie Thaddeus-Johns (on seeing Brexit unfold from the European continent)
  • Chelsea Hassler (the year in TV spoilers and plots)
  • Kelsey McKinney (the value of Hillary Clinton’s “delete your account” tweet)
  • Dara Lind (on what this year’s most challenging issues tell us about the internet)
  • Ziwe Fumudoh (on Donald Trump’s vulgarity)
  • Nicholas Quah (on the biggest trend on the booming podcast market)
  • Harry Seigel (a timeline of the year in fake headlines)
  • Taylor Lorenz (on the fastest growing social media network, Snapchat)
  • Matt Lubchansky (an illustration about Donald Trump)
  • Colette Shade (on the struggle and joy of logging off)
  • Ernie Smith (on Facebook’s war against words)
  • Allison Smith (on Trump’s use of English; AND Ken Bone)
  • Gabi Barkho (on Kim Kardashian’s feminism)
  • Abigail Jones (on the growing menstruation equality movement)
  • Rachael Berkey (on the battle to reclaim Pepe the Frog for its original intent)
  • Karen Geier (on Milo Yiannopoulos’s digital exile)
  • Stephen Maurice Graham (an illustrated works on 2016, including don’t @ me)
  • Robert Lintott (on Beyoncé’s complex works and challenging fame)
  • Tyler Manzel (on the biggest trend in gifs in 2016)
  • Elizabeth Amato (on how The Birth of a Nation will be remembered)
  • Jeremy Burge (on the most important emoji of 2016)
  • Ryan Sartor (a poem about programmatic advertising in 2016)
  • Jared Keller (on what to do with the extra second of 2016)
  • Levi Sumagaysay (on Silicon Valley’s diversity problem)
  • Hossein Derakhshan (on the rise of TV-internet; AND Telegram in Iran)
  • Ben Geier (on Bill Mitchell, host of Your Voice Radio)
  • Dan Cohen (on remembering the Boston Marathon Bombing)
  • Mapate Diop (on why a gif of rapper Conceited went viral)
  • Dana Getz (on the character Barb from Netflix’s Stranger Things)
  • Allison Pohle (on the virality of Jeb Bush’s sadness)
  • Katka Lapelosová (on what Harambe says about our values)
  • Manny404 (on the earnest solicitation of latinos to tech fields)
  • Oliver Leach (a poem about the Dasharez0ne)
  • Kelly Knapke (on balancing fears about Zika as a woman in Florida)
  • Anna Iovine (on Ryan Lochte at the Rio Olympics)
  • Dominic Sinacola (on discovering election results while out of the country)
  • Darth (the haiku about 2016 to end all haikus about 2016)
  • Ollie McKendrick (song permitted for use on Kickstarter video, ty)
  • Margarita Noriega (on Bob Dylan’s refusal to attend the Nobel ceremony)
  • More to come…

For more about the Internet Review, read the launch announcement below, the update to the launch, and follow the Internet Review on Instagram @InternetReview and on Twitter @InternetReview_.

Internet Review

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Launching a review of notable events, people, and trends in 2016 on Kickstarter this November, as seen through a very small screen. Edited by @margarita.

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