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(plus other awesome updates)

Nov 1, 2016 · 3 min read

We are one fragile week away from Election Day and 24 days away from the launch of Kickstarter campaign for the Internet Review of 2016, a book about the top people, events, and trends of this year. Nearly one hundred people have submitted pitches since the announcement, and I’m deeply appreciative of the interest the book has gotten.

Thank you for being part of making this book a real, fun thing, and for your support. I’m thrilled to announce a few new contributors today. But first, I’m excited to share that Andy Dubbin is the official designer for the Internet Review’s logo (below) and inaugural cover art (coming soon).

classy af, right?

Andy is a freelance writer and cartoonist in NYC, and you can follow him on Twitter → @dubnib. I worked with Andy at Fusion, and I’m so happy to work with such a talented artist again. You should work with him, too!

Second, Andy and I are honored to collaborate with musician Ollie McKendrick-Ness to create an animated, original video for the Kickstarter. Here’s one of my favorite songs by him (buy this song on iTunes!).

Third, I want to invite everyone to follow IR on Instagram, which will feature the book’s contributors and their various habits. Check out the first profile of the joyous persona known as darth

…and our second profile on the brilliant Emma Roller, who is probably not darth (unconfirmed).

Now that we’re caught up, I’m thrilled to announce some of the most recent confirmed contributors.

To be clear, this is a list of people whose talents exceed mine. I’m just here to share with you how much I love them and their talents by making the best book about 2016 in 2016, and they’ve signed on to help make all of that happen. I can’t wait to show you more when the Kickstarter launches on November 25, and I hope you’ll support this cool thing we’re making.

Without further ado, please welcome to the Review Sasha Frere-Jones, Adam Koford, Liza Donnelly, April Reign, Lauren Duca, Sandra Allen, Jesse Hicks, Ziwe, Taylor Lorenz, Oliver Leach (aka BAKKOOONN on Twitter), Sasha Koren, Dara Lind, Rachael Berkey, Ryan Sartor, Elena Scotti, Benjamin Harnett, adam leibsohn, Josie Thaddeus-Johns, Joe Veix, Africa Jackson, Allison Pohle, Ben Geier, Allison Jane Smith, Dom Sinacola, Ernie Smith, Abigail Jones, Anna Rose Iovine, Alexis Dent, Robert Lintott, Levi Sumagaysay, Dana Getz, Kelly Knapke and Mapate Diop. There are more to come, too. (Update: Say hello to Colette Shade and kelsey mckinney!)

Finally, here’s a very special work by Stephen Maurice Graham which really speaks to me as someone who dreads 2016 so much. This will also be featured in the Kickstarter’d book. It’s amazing.

So that’s a fucking great list, right? Oh, and here’s the list of the first round of contributors, ICYMI. Love them. Cherish them. Follow them on Twitter.

Here’s one last note for you, the person who loves this project, its contributors, and wants to get involved.

Makin’ notes.

You’re a smart writer, editor, artist, thinker, tinkerer. You want to get in on this. First, I’m making a list of writers who can pick up news items later this year. Second, I’d like to find an editorial partner with a publication that would like to be included in the the book in return for some promotion of the Kickstarter. Email your interest to margafretter @ gmail.

PS, Do you follow us on Twitter yet?

Yours truly on and off the internet, for now,

Margarita Noriega

Internet Review

Written by

Launching a review of notable events, people, and trends in 2016 on Kickstarter this November, as seen through a very small screen. Edited by @margarita.

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