The state of address bar frameworks in early 2015

In the fall of 2014 I began building native web apps for Science Exchange on a framework with a hamster for mascot. Since then, Ember has taught me many things. Like:

  • React is the bestest and fastest
  • Front-end development == Active Model Serializers
  • Documentation is best kept secret

And most importantly, URLs are #1.

The language of the URL: the protocols for it’s interface, it’s segments and notation. The URL is the final expression of a web application’s desire. The location field is the new command line.

Encoded state of the world — locator, and genesis engine. Literally a slice of life. Link-to, then unpack the universe.

When decorated. Augmented with tracking codes. Choice imprinted as parameter poems. Servers listen and the dialogue is easy. If you get distracted, you are bookmarked. Chrome will remember your place.

The Ember team took a URL-first approach, which is based in a philosophy I think I can get behind because without URLs we sever the connection, the hyperlink. Then we just have something like TV in a browser. Desktop apps. App stores. Corporate closed loops. Windows onto themselves.

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