Three women who are using the Internet to build community through content

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Apr 27, 2017 · 3 min read

There are so many women creating awesome opportunities for themselves using the Internet. Girls in ICT Day is the perfect way to celebrate them — and it’s today!

The goal of Girls in ICT day isn’t complicated. It encourages more girls and young women to think about working in “Information and Communication Technologies”. You might read that and think you have to have a technical background so maybe it’s not for you. But the truth is, the Internet touches so many things these days and will likely be a big part of many job possibilities. There are so many ways women can build careers using the Internet, in ways that encourage other women to do so, too!

There is still a lot of work to be done, (and please let us know if you are a young person using the Internet in this way!) but there are also some great successes. Today we’d like to celebrate three young women who have built interesting careers for themselves bringing content and community to women around the world.

1. Rupi Kaur:

Rupi Kaur is an Internet phenomenon. In 2014, she began posting poems to her Instagram feed. Three years later, she has over a million followers and Milk and Honey, the book of poetry that she initially self-published on Amazon, was picked up by a publisher and is a two-time New York Times Best-Seller. Her work touches on the experiences of women everywhere, like heartbreak, objectification, and sexual abuse. It also zeroes in on experiences more specific to her own community, like racism, unrealistic beauty standards, and issues of identity. All of her posts provide opportunities for hundreds of comments of conversations between her fans, and she has inspired countless young women to also use art to tell the truths about their lives.

2. Amanda Brennan

Amanda Brennan has a job you probably didn’t know existed: she is the Meme Librarian for Tumblr (her actual title is “Senior Content Insights Manager”). How much sense her bio makes to you is probably a good indication of how old you are, but basically she catalogues those funny image and quote combinations you see all over the Internet (and sometimes use to communicate your innermost emotions). Amanda does her best to dig up the original source of memes, in order to give credit and context where it is needed. She says that the Internet is her community, and her work has her tracking (and participating in) conversations in every corner of it. She is all about making connections.

3. Trisha Velarmino

Trisha has made travelling the world into her job. When she started out, she was doing everything from house sitting to teaching English to pay the bills, but now she is a full-time travel blogger. She’s still working hard for her money, but now that looks like travel coaching, speaking engagements, and brand affiliations. She has a loyal readership that not only connects with her on a regular basis, but also is a community onto itself. Sometimes they even fly across the globe to meet with her, and each other. In a section of her website called Dear Girls of the World, she encourages other young women to do solo travel as well.

These are only three of countless examples of how women can change the world through ICTs. And again, if you or someone you know is between the ages of 13 and 25 and using the Internet to build community and content, we’d love to hear about them.

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