Small Platform, Big Convenience and Connectivity

By Jessie Yuqing Shi

Mobile apps dominated January’s NY Tech Meetup, impressing the audience with the convenience and connectivity they bring. The demos featured new content-sharing ideas, both traditional and with a twist. Here are some of our favorites:

Kevin Sheehan, presents Light My Site.

Light My Site: “Change the Landscape of the Connectivity in NYC”

Light My Site is the first mobile app to organize all available Internet services to commercial users in NYC. When users type in their address, the app finds all available Internet providers and the average install time frame of each. Residents of the same building who don’t have a high-speed Internet connection can start or join in a collective, through which they all get better Internet connections. On average, a collective includes four people, and tenants can order high-speed Internet service from any provider available in NYC through Lite My Site. The order takes about three months to process, and the service keeps those waiting updated on the progress.

Spring Moves: Rhythm-Fueled Workout Radio and Exercise Data Tracker

Spring Moves curates popular songs to select music for you according to your desired running pace. Enter your pace and run mileage and Spring Moves will track your time and route. It also pinpoints which songs were played where, displaying data on a custom audio map.

Memo/Collectively: Where Verified Employees Anonymously Share Their Real Working Experience

Memo/Cellectively allows verified employees to anonymously share what life is really like at their companies. Employees can verify their affiliation through LinkedIn or email addresses, and the service deletes any IP address and personal information from their servers once verified. Employees can then write reviews, thumbs-up or thumbs-down other posts and leave comments. Different illustrations and photos are available as background pictures of the posts, and users can also share their posts anonymously with other co-workers.

Ocho: Social Network Based on 8-Second Videos

Ocho is a social media app where users make, share and comment on eight-second videos. The length of videos is set to eight seconds because the developers said that tends to be the longest time people watch videos without interruption. However, a short duration doesn’t mean a compromise in video quality. All Ocho videos have 16:9 resolution, regardless of how the recording mobile device is held, allowing for easy display on TV screens. Ocho has been used in recent protests for #blacklivesmatter, from New York City to Los Angeles. Like other social media networks, Ocho lets you upload, hashtag, like, reply to and make comments on videos. Users can swipe to change filters and add titles and descriptions of the videos before uploading.

Left to Right: Max Stossel and Jonathan Swerdlin, Presenters of Ocho

Concert Window: Where Musicians and Fans Come Together for Money on the Internet

Concert Window lets musicians film their performance using their laptop camera and upload it onto a platform where they can chat with fans and market their products. For example, a songwriter can sell handwritten lyrics for $50 and market it through the service. Fans will get the lyrics they want by hitting the “tip $50 to get a handwritten lyrics” button.

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