#TBT: That’s What She Said: Breaking Through the Digital Dating Noise

By: Analee Campbell

February 14th is about a month away and if you want a date for that Hallmark holiday, this 2012 panel session of how to market yourself when online dating could be your lifesaver.

Christine Murphy, VP/D Strategy, Connections, Planning and Social Content at DigitasLBi moderated this conversation between Lara DeSignor, Sr. Consumer Marketing Manager at Panasonic USA; Kimberlee Mar, Sr Producer at Sub Rosa; Don Caldwell, Sr. Reporter at Know Your Meme; Steve Dean, Co-Founder at JobSuitors, Online Dating Consultant and Analyst & Product Strategist at Courtland Brooks; and Ruth Kallens; Digital Media Strategiston how to present yourself on your online dating profile.

These experienced panelists shared their point of view on how to promote your personal brand, a.k.a., you. From their professional opinion to their own online dating adventures, they discussed effective methods to break through the noise of boring online profiles and stand out.

From choosing what website to participate to what content you display on your profile, branding yourself and identifying your target audience is what these experts revealed are the most important in the world of digital dating.

Caldwell initiated the conversation with an interesting, controversial topic in online dating: The world of sugar daddies. Though he skimmed over the ethical standards that revolve around this niche type of dating, he does make it clear that this example is one of the many ways you can focus on a specific audience. There’s a dating website for everyone.

“There is a dating website for any kind of niche that you are looking for at this time. Even if you are just looking for sugar daddies, or sugar babies as they (women that have sugar daddies) are referred to.”

The panel agreed it’s important to choose the right platform for your message.

Kallens, a digital media strategist, agreed with Caldwell’s view on using a niche dating site to find the type of person you want to meet.

“It always comes back to knowing who your target audience is and where they reside. If you are straight and you want to be in a committed relationship and you want to get married tomorrow, you know you are going to go to eHarmony or something more serious. If you know you are looking for someone in a sly way, you would be going on an ambient dating social platform.”

She also added about the importance of consistency among one’s social branding as a way to not only receive viewers but to also maintain a connection and ensure that your profile is perceived as genuine and interesting.

“Similar to how you are structuring your brand’s voice on any social platform, you have to really make sure that you use your brand voice well and stay on target. It’s all about remaining consistent like you do on your brand’s social channels and you have to make sure that you’re speaking to the right audience. Know who you are targeting and make sure you are go there and make sure you are
consistent with your voice.”

DeSignor revealed something surprising through a personal anecdote of her digital dating experience.

“ I love cycling, so I actually started using a cycling app everyday and I started following people on the cycling app and I actually met someone off of the cycling app. I also have met someone off of SoundCloud. All of the sudden, I’m realizing that you don’t need to be on OkCupid or eHarmony to meet people. You can use the Internet for whatever your passions are to find people.”

For more tips on optimizing your online profile, catch the full session here:

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