Be mindful! Telephone Scams Target About Foreigners

Aug 26, 2017 · 3 min read
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internship in China
One of our audience Simon told us this individual met with a telephone rip-off, it was a call via “Hong Kong Kowloon immigration office”. As we knew he’s got a Ph. D. diploma and graduated from Harvard, one of the most top one universities and colleges in the world, let’s see how typically the “detective” caught the con artists!
1 Forbidden to enter or maybe exit China?

internship in China

The story began with he received some sort of phone call from ” Hk Kowloon immigration office”. Some sort of robotic voice asked your pet to check an important voice deliver from the immigration.

Simon put into practice the steps then it started a lady to answer, he was explained to he has been restricted to enter into or exit China since he helped a China’s suspect to apply for Exit-entry Support for Travelling to Hong Kong as well as Macau in Fuzhou.
This lady said I have to assist the 5–0 in Fuzhou on this matter or I can’t abandon China, she transferred this call to that police throughout Fuzhou. However , when I started out the conversation with that law enforcement officials, I noticed something is wrong here….. As Simon has a fine understanding of different cultures plus a good command of applying languages, he found much more non-sense appeared in the chat:

Certain words like “police” and “sir” have different words in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and also China mainland.
He was expected more personal information like passport number.

All these clues guide him to think of the giant cell phone scam gangs in Taiwan. Then he checked Fuzhou police force office address and number online, what surprised the dog was that information properly matched with that “police” presented.
2 What’s going on below?

Simon immediately called the Fuzhou police according to the telephone number he or she found online. The truth gradually shown up, he was told that it was an incredibly yesterday scam, scammers used loophole of China Telephony, which could use Voice over World wide web Phone (VoIP) to change their very own phone number, so they forge the genuine police telephone number to hack on people.

Fuzhou law enforcement also emphasized that:
- Police never and would not have an investigation by mobile phone, all the procedures are required to job by rules. If you entail in any case, they will come to you instantly.
2 . Police know all of your current information by just knowing your own personal phone number, including your location, labels, nationality, passport number…etc. And so it’s unnecessary for them to question your personal information on the phone.
several. Most telephone scams get started with robotic voice and assist you to leak out a lot more personal information. If you are not being aware, scammers usually can use your personal information for you to cheat on your money.
some. If you are not sure it is a fraud or not, you can just call up the police telephone number 110 to substantiate. It is available for any area in China. We likewise heard about scammers are capable of several kind of languages, that makes it better to earn the trust involving foreign victims.

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