A Warm Welcome from Amber, Your New IPF Interim Ambassador!


Hello, Alien Worlds communities! My name is Amber (gykb4.wam), and I am excited to introduce myself to all of you. Recently, I submitted my candidacy to both the Kavian and Neri Syndicates, and I am eager to learn more about the cultural attributers of each Syndicate.

play.AlienWorlds.io is experiencing a little technical difficulty and not showing the information I posted in my profile, when it’s back up I will post a screenshot.

“I’ve been in the blockchain space for 5+ years with focus on education, consulting, and art. I have always been fascinated with DAOs and value the communities that shape their evolution.

I support the expansion and growth of Alien Worlds and DAO ecosystems, and will contribute to bridging understanding between the Members, Custodians, and Syndicates. I believe in the revolutionary power of DAOs and will foster AW communities to engage with infrastructure.

I create content and media that entice new players to enter the game, and contribute to onboarding systems that make playing the game easy and fun!”

It was the Neri Billboard that ignited my interest in participating in DAOs. This innovative project shattered my paradigm around the idea that DAOs could only govern and impact themselves. I had never before seen a DAO utilize Resources to create a project of this scope, and this eye-opening experience fueled my curiosity about the evolution of DAOs and their potential for greater impact.

Since then, I have been inspired by many members of the Alien Worlds communities, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure of being formally introduced to (special thanks to Max and Adam). The collective passion and dedication motivate me to become more deeply involved and contribute to the growth and development of DAOs in Alien Worlds and beyond.

Some of you have noticed that I’ve received Resources from federationhr (InterPlanetary Federation) with the humorous note “HR” or human resources. Yes, we are playing Alien Worlds, but the human interaction aspect is essential, and that’s where I come in! I am thrilled to announce my official role as the InterPlanetary Federation Interim Ambassador!

As an ambassador, my primary objective is to facilitate understanding between Members, Custodians, and Syndicates, ultimately working towards unifying those who are willing to participate in the InterPlanetary Federation. I believe that our combined efforts can create more dynamic and united Alien Worlds communities, and better serve our mutual goals of growing the AW and DAO ecosystems. I support the creation and cultivation of the InterPlanetary Federation DAO and hope Custodians will also contribute to this historical collaboration.

You may have also recently seen some of the content I’ve been contributing to for the IPF through their new Medium blog: https://medium.com/@interplanetaryfederation

It’s important to acknowledge that the pathway taken to form the IPF has led to some broken trust within the AW communities. I understand that growth is often not easy or pretty, especially when it comes to governance, and I’m committed to working to rebuild that trust so we can move forward together.

In conclusion, I am honored to serve as the IPF Interim Ambassador and look forward to contributing to this exciting new chapter of DAO evolution. Let’s make the Alien Worlds communities stronger and more unified than ever before!

Want to contribute to the IPF? Whether you’re a Custodian or not, please consider voting for me for Council on Kavian or Neri!

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