AW: Breaking News Deck of Cosmos


Breaking News: April 3, 2023

Resources acquired by the OPPN and have been fully allocated to developing a game called Deck of Cosmos. This was originally proposed by Dr Yunani on Neri and did not receive the necessary votes to pass.

The account was created by the Cryptomonkeys (Dr Yunani, and Vyryn) with Anders help (anyo.cabal) and received roughly 5 million TLM from the Neri.dac Syndicate account. and the OPPN were founded to protect Neri as described in this proposal that was frequently used to acquire Neri’s entire weekly allocation:

Fund the Organization for the Protection and Preservation of Neri

The OPPN is a DAO with the following mission: Promote transparent, community-driven decision-making, Promote accountability in past proposals, increase the efficiency of proposals by minimizing managerial overhead and kickbacks, and Protect the planet from malicious actors. For accountability, the AlienWorlds Federation account has full control over the funds and could reverse this proposal if desired.

It seems the OPPN has decided the best way to protect Neri is to deploy all of the resources acquired from Neri.dac to develop a game called Deck of Cosmos. Not only have they already deployed 3 million TLM to the deckofcosmos account, they also committed to a monthly contribution of 1 million trillium for the next 5 months! For a total of 8 million TLM, making it the largest allocation of resources in AW history!

Since the founding of the OPPN and the account, resources have been allocated in the following ways:

1.5 million TLM sent to The Miners Union, co-founded by Shrimp Baguette*, Mirko Siebert the game designer for

3 million TLM sent to Deckofcosmos -Divided into two accounts 5zr4k.c.wam, (OldSpice) and o4db2.wam (Lord Plague). Old Spice and Lord Plague then immediately staked their 1.5 million TLM into NER tokens.

Will Old Spice and Lord Plague use their combined 3 million TLM to vote for the Cryptomonkeys on Neri? Or will they use the resources acquired to start building Deck of Cosmos?

*correction: a previous version referred to Shrimp Baguette as the pseudonymous founder of the Miners Union.