Onboarding into the InterPlanetary Federation: A Guide to Joining the Cosmic Community.

Interplanetary Federation
3 min readMar 20, 2023

As the universe expands and civilizations across galaxies begin to connect, the InterPlanetary Federation (IPF) will become an essential platform for fostering dialogue and collaboration between Custodians and Syndicates. If you are a Custodian and ready to become part of this galactic alliance, follow these three simple steps to begin your journey with the IPF.

Step 1: Propose the Constitution on Your Syndicate

To signal your interest in joining the IPF, simply create a Proposal with the IPF Constitution as the description. 1TLM is sufficient. The Proposal does not need to be signed by anyone else. The act of proposing the Constitution demonstrates your commitment to engaging with the wider InterPlanetary community. See an example of a successful Proposal below:

Step 2: Request to Join the IPF Council Chat on Telegram

Once you have created a Proposal of the Constitution, request access to the InterPlanetary Federation chat from the InterPlanetary Council on Telegram. As soon as you jump in and express your desire to be part of the group, current council members will grant you access.

Step 3: Review the Constitution and Prepare for the Inaugural Round Table at the InterPlanetary Unconference

After gaining access to the InterPlanetary Federation Telegram, be sure to review the Constitution thoroughly and familiarize yourself with its tenets. As a foundational member, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the creation and refinement of the Constitution, ensuring that it represents the diverse perspectives of all Syndicate Members.

The Inaugural InterPlanetary Federation Round Table at the upcoming Alien World’s Unconference is an important milestone for IPF. It offers a unique opportunity for representatives from each Syndicate to gather and discuss their visions for the future of InterPlanetary cooperation. Your presence and input are crucial in shaping the Constitution that will guide the Federation for years to come.

By following these three steps, your Syndicate will become an integral part of the InterPlanetary Federation. As a member, you’ll collaborate with other civilizations to build a stronger, more unified cosmic community. Let’s make the future brighter, together!

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