Part Two: Where we go next?

-By The Interplanetary Federation, March 15th, 2023

Part one of the story is located here:

It all started one night after Adam told some friends that Neri, a “planet” he was elected to in the metaverse, had a Billboard on The World Famous Las Vegas Strip. They reacted with disbelief and wanted to know how this was possible! After showing them a few pictures and explaining the AW DAO structure, they wanted to know how they could participate. Realizing that there were eligible Custodians sitting right in front of him, Adam knew it was time… Saying this is a heist may be jumping the gun…

The Neri Billboard project’s successful completion proved to be a pivotal moment for Neri and AW. It demonstrated that metaverse Resources could produce real world results and interactions: The Neri Billboard ran from January 31st through February 6th. The 15 second clip played 3445 times and received approximately 1,755,812 impressions, making it the most widely seen advertisement for AW ever!

The Neri Billboard on The World Famous Las Vegas Strip, was a collaboration between Adam, Max, and Duane, who are longtime participants in the earliest EOS DAOs. The Neri Billboard project took about a month to complete with each party contributing their unique skill set to ensure its success.

In addition to providing the largest advertisement ever produced for AW and Neri, Adam, Max, and Duane have supported a wide variety of Custodian Proposals in order to efficiently and effectively allocate Syndicate Resources.

Some of the approved Proposals include:

-building Resource distribution tools,

-encouraging transparency,

-supporting quarterly Syndicate Audits,

-creating an Interplanetary Unconference,

-supporting artists,

-supporting content creators,

-supporting cross-planet projects,

- supporting integration into games,

-supporting Public Relations, and

- overall supporting projects that encourage real world engagement.

While working on The Neri Billboard, it became evident that some Syndicates had frequently failed to utilize the Resources available to them and perhaps didn’t understand the value that they could create.

Understanding that the ability to create value is an essential tenet to the furtherance of AW and its Syndicates, and seeing the inherent danger in leaving the issue unaddressed Afhe, Biff and Jose executed; A simple transfer to make the game more fun…

Following the Kavian Transfer, Custodians were finally communicating, collaborating, and strategizing on how to prevent such an action from occurring again in the future. They were even discussing governance concepts at a higher level. While the initial reactions were understandably emotional, they did prompt more realistic potential solutions. After all; feelings and ideas have a strong connection…

The Kavian transfer had achieved its goal: to activate and motivate the community. Engagement in the Syndicates grew to an all time high, but the community had questions. People wanted answers and the Cryptomonkeys were willing to provide them, as long as it fit their narrative, of course.

Their heavily biased and inaccurate article attempts to discredit years of experience, collaboration, and cooperation in DPOS systems, DACs and DAOs, all while knowingly omitting details that did not fit their narrative. The article attempts to defame Adam, Max and Duane who just so happen to be their main Custodial opponents for control of Neri. Understanding this may take some reflection…

But for now, back to the events of February 20th, In response to the wild accusations and unnecessary doxxing by the still pseudonymous Cryptomonkeys, KavianPlanet sent two transactions of 30,000 TLM each to the kavian.dac account with the following poem.

“While you may not yet understand the plan… Hodl on, this was not the actions of just one man… It took a group of friends without a “KROWN”… To address this problem before the system actually broke down…Execution of this plan was a bit scary… Helping to fix a broken system was deemed necessary… A massive amount of engagement created… The good intention of this transfer, just not clearly stated…”

The first letter of each line spells WHITEHAT, generally a term reserved for a hacker with good intentions. KROWN refers to a very early EOS DAO.

This was clearly an attempt to demonstrate to the Cryptomonkeys that the conclusions in their article were incorrect, as the actors were not malicious, and Max and Duane were not involved.

As of February 20th, Kavianplanet had sent two messages to the community, via poetic memos on the blockchain. SAFU and WHITEHAT. Yet the Custodians still didn’t seem to understand the goals of the Kavian transfer, so it was time for KavianPlanet to communicate once more.

On February 21st, A Proposal was made to Kavian.dac with the following description:

“A Proposal to create the Interplanetary Federation. A DAO made up of qualified Custodians with a shared goal to promote cooperation and coordination between the different planets within AW, and to further the development and growth of our shared community.

The first goal of the Interplanetary Federation was to demonstrate the potential for bad actors to exploit the system. This goal was achieved by transferring Kavian funds.

The second goal of the Interplanetary Federation was to encourage engagement amongst the Custodians of AW. This goal was achieved by transferring Kavian funds.

The third goal of the Interplanetary Federation was to preserve funds for projects that would benefit AW. This goal was achieved by transferring Kavian funds.

The fourth goal of the Interplanetary Federation was to increase voting participation in AW. This goal was achieved by transferring Kavian funds.

The simple act of transferring Kavian funds demonstrated the potential for bad actors, encouraged engagement, preserved funds, and increased voting participation. While some may not agree with the methods; the results speak for themselves.

The Interplanetary Federation will stand committed to utilize the funds acquired for the furtherance of AW, and its respective planetary DAOs.”

Surely this would reassure the Custodial Community that this was all a bit of theatre, but the Cryptomonkeys did not accept this logic, and continued to defend their narrative. They refused to accept the information provided to them for the explicit purpose of clarification and understanding. . But why…?

After Adam, Max, and Duane were doxxed by the pseudonymous Cryptomonkeys anonymous defectives article, it became apparent that the system had another obvious flaw. It was still full of pseudonymous and anonymous actors, a curtain that the CryptoMonkey’s seemed to benefit from hiding behind.

February 21st- To illustrate the lack of real Custodians, Proposals were created to reward Real ID on Kavian, and Neri, with the following description:

“(Custodians Real Name),

Unlike the majority of Custodians on this council, you have chosen to reveal your identity and contribute to Alienworlds. This Proposal is intended to reward those who have come forward with their real identities and intentions, encourage a more open dialogue, and prevent the potential abuses of those who refuse to provide such details. Thank you (Custodians Real Name), for all that you do for Alienworlds, and we’re excited to work with you in the future.


The Interplanetary Federation”

February 21st, Kavianplanet transferred 356,000 TLM back to kavian.dac, with the memo: To fund Anders. Why would kavianplanet send back 356,000 TLM to fund Anders if the intentions were malicious or financial?

The first Proposal that this transfer facilitated was passed by Afhe, Biff and Jose, on Kavian to reward Real ID. Anders (anyo.cabal) received a transfer of 100,000 TLM from kavian.dac. Why would Afhe, Biff, and Jose pass a Proposal to reward Real ID if their intentions were malicious or financial?

The second Proposal that this transfer facilitated was a Proposal made by Anders himself. On February 14th, the day of the SAFU poem, Anders proposed:

“ has been built and maintained soley by anyo, and it has, and is, requiring a lot of time and effort. This Proposal is a kind request to show appreciation for the work that is being put in. More details can be found here:”

This Proposal for 256,000 TLM for creating and maintaining Alienw was approved by Biff, Jose, and Nick. Why would Biff and Jose approve 256,000 TLM for Anders if their intentions were malicious or financial?

On February 26th, approximately six hours before the election. A Proposal was submitted to Eyeke, Neri, and Kavian to invite Custodians to the Interplanetary Federation Constitutional Congress.

Published in its entirety here

“The Interplanetary Federation is a proposed solution to unite Qualified Custodians from participating Syndicates into a system with Elected Councils, Rank Choice Voting, and Custodian Proposals.” -Adam, Founder of The Interplanetary Federation

After the election on February 26th, Anders, Nick, and Michael (EOSUSA), had taken control over Kavian;

Anders transferred 100,000 TLM received for the Real ID Proposal back to the kavian.dac account with the memo: “returning TLM from Proposal id: txykv4eaogew, as I do not think it sets a good precedence.” and Nick sent back the 10,000 TLM received from kavianplanet to kavian.dac with the memo: “returned to kavian.dac as there was no proper Proposal for the transfer of these funds.”

Later on the same day, kavianplanet made two transfers back to the kavian.dac account controlled by Anders, Nick, and Michael.

-The first was a transfer of 10,000 TLM matching what Nick had sent back, with the memo: y3zra.wam returned pay

-The second was a transfer of 100,000 TLM matching what Anders had sent back, with the memo: “anyo.cabal returned TLM from Proposal id: txykv4eaogew”.

February 27th- Duane sent back the 20,000 TLM received from kavianplanet to kavian.dac with the memo: returned to kavian.dac

March 2nd- Kavianplanet transferred 20,000 TLM to kavian.dac with the memo: 51mqs.wam returned pay.

March 7th- Five separate proposals were made to Kavian in an attempt to evenly distribute the Resources amongst the current Kavian Custodians. The proposals received approval from Adam and Max, allowing for any other Kavian Custodian to approve Resources for themselves. This was to illustrate the point that we need a more robust Resource distribution method and a way to hold the Custodians accountable for their use of Resources.

This proposed concept would essentially trust the Custodians to utilize the Resources acquired properly. While it was known that this was unlikely to pass, the proposals accomplished their goal to encourage the discussion of proper Resource distribution, resulting in more communication and engagement around the subject. These proposals would allow for individual Custodians to have individual projects and demonstrate individual results. This proposed Resource distribution method would actually require individual Custodians to DELIVER.

Published in its entirety:

“Developing, Encouraging, and Leveraging Internal Value to Efficiently use Resources


We are proposing a new approach to Resource distribution that empowers Custodians to allocate Resources based on their expertise and judgement. Kavian Custodians have already demonstrated their value and ability to manage Resources effectively, and we believe that giving them greater autonomy in this area will benefit our organization.

Current Situation:

Currently, Resource distribution is determined by a centralized decision-making process. While this process has produced some results, we believe that there is a better way. By allowing Custodians to allocate Resources as they see fit, we can tap into their unique insights and knowledge, resulting in more efficient and effective Resource distribution.


Under this proposal, each Custodian would receive an equal share of the weekly Resource allocation, and be allowed to utilize these Resources as they see fit, with the understanding that they are accountable for their decisions. This would be done within the framework of our existing policies and procedures, ensuring that Resources are allocated in a manner consistent with our mission and values.


There are several benefits to this approach. First, it allows us to tap into the knowledge and expertise of our Custodians, resulting in more effective Resource distribution. Second, it streamlines the decision-making process, allowing us to allocate Resources more quickly and efficiently. Finally, it increases transparency and accountability, as Custodians will be responsible for their decisions and must report on their allocation of Resources.


In conclusion, we believe that empowering Custodians to distribute Resources at their discretion is a logical next step for our communities. By doing so, we can tap into their unique insights and knowledge, resulting in more efficient and effective Resource distribution. We hope that you will consider this Proposal and support us in implementing this change.

*This is a proposed solution to the recent events on Kavian and Neri and is not affiliated with The Interplanetary Federation.

**Approval of this Proposal is an Agreement to utilize resources received to benefit Kavian and/or AW. Resources received will not be used for voting or any reason that does not benefit Kavian and/or AW.

***Approval of this Proposal is an Agreement to submit updates and proof of completion of your project to kavian.dac by Proposal or memo.”

As of March 15th, kavianplanet has utilized the Resources acquired for the furtherance of AW and Kavian, providing:

300,000 TLM to all active Custodians,

256,000 TLM to Anders for Alienw,

100,000 TLM to Anders for Real ID.

40,000 TLM from the SAFU poem,

60,000 TLM from the WHITEHAT poem. Matched

70,000 TLM that honest Custodians returned, and matched the

100,000 TLM Anders returned.

In total, kavianplanet transferred 926,000 TLM back to the Custodial Community, the kavian.dac account, and to the approved Proposals. Kavianplanet explained the intent of the Kavian transfer via a poetic return of Resources, and subsequent direct explanation. The Kavian transfer demonstrated the necessity for unity over division, collaboration over apathy, and integrity over corruption.

The Kavian transfer also added value to the ecosystem by exposing a significant flaw, proposing a potential solution, and providing direction for the future of The Syndicates. Through the use of poetry, intentional transactions, and the creation of The Interplanetary Federation, the Kavian transfer made its intentions clear.

The simple act of transferring Kavian Resources demonstrated the potential for bad actors, encouraged engagement, preserved Resources, and increased voting participation. In addition to illustrating the reality that many of the Custodians elected to Syndicates remained anonymous or pseudonymous.

It forced the Custodian Community to confront their own values and goals, to which the CryptoMonkeys responded by voting with a ”large stake at the last minute”. When confronted with the opportunity to solve a real problem, their solution was to make a transfer of their own that was eerily similar to the very one they were villainizing and rallying against.

As of March 15th, the Cryptomonkeys have transferred a total of 4,655,064 TLM from the Neri.dac to the account that they control, with no clear purpose or use for Resources stated.

The Cryptomonkeys did however, oddly choose to convert a large portion of the TLM acquired in (what can be fairly called) The Neri Heist, to NER tokens, saying that Neri miners would receive more mining rewards. While this is true, it is unlikely to amount to much for your average miner…

However, NER tokens do have another very important purpose- they are used to vote for Custodians on Neri. The Cryptomonkeys have now acquired a significant number of staked NER voting tokens. Perhaps even enough to vote themselves in with a “large stake at the last minute”.

As of March 15th, The Cryptomonkeys have not announced a plan for the Resources acquired from The Neri Heist. Instead they have actively questioned and denied Proposals that did not benefit them and continued to heist the weekly budget from Neri every week since taking power, with no clear intention for utilizing the Resources.

The Neri Heist acquired more TLM than the Kavian Transfer and still did not make their intentions clear. The Neri Heist was orchestrated by a team of pseudonymous actors with no real identity attached. The Neri Heist account received 4,655,064 TLM with no clear intent for utilizing the Resources..

The Neri Heist by the pseudonymous Cryptomonkeys provided no value to the ecosystem; it only extracted value. It failed to encourage engagement, and did not “make the game more fun.” Instead, the Cryptomonkeys used the Kavian transfer to put themselves in position to orchestrate what very well could have been the real “Heist”.

This has been done through their use of hatred and vitriol, spite and disbelief, division instead of unity. Objectively, the Neri Heist extracted value from the ecosystem, instead of creating it.

In contrast, The Kavian Transfer sought to create value for the ecosystem by demonstrating the potential for bad actors, encouraging engagement, preserving Resources, increasing voting participation, and poetically communicating the intentions of the transfer. Sometimes light carries the illusion of darkness, and darkness carries the illusion of light…

The Kavian transfer created engagement around what the true potential of the DAO system could be, and the type of governance necessary to maintain it. It raised serious questions as to the future of the Syndicate system and its participants. The Kavian transfer achieved its goal of accelerating the growth of the Custodian Community and evolution of the Alien Worlds DAOs.

Currently, It is still unclear what the Neri Heist sought to prove or why it was done. One can only wonder what the pseudonymous Cryptomonkeys and’s intentions are…other than to acquire more Resources. After all, nerifundsafe.

The Kavian transfer was done with clear intentions. The Kavian transfer was done to prove a point and even clarified its intentions. The Kavian transfer sought to unite the planets and accelerate Community growth. The Kavian transfer was all part of the creation of The Interplanetary Federation.

As of March 15th: Adam and kavianplanet have transferred a total of 926,000 TLM back to the Custodians and Kavian.dac. While the pseudonymous Cryptomonkeys and have transferred back 0 TLM.

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