The Birth of the First Consortium Community!


Galactic Lore on Consortium!

Coming soon — Galactic Lore on Consortium!

The Interplanetary Federation is excited to announce that we have created one of the first communities on

Introducing the first Alien Worlds Consortium community, the InterPlanetary Federation

What is Consortium? Consortium is a decentralized web-app that enables communities to use their tokens to create polls and vote in them. Created by Alien Worlds community member Vlad, Consortium launched on EOS mainnet in March of 2020. With the support of the Galactic Hubs Grant Program, Consortium team was able to expand to WAX.

HUGE thank you to Vlad for this amazing project! We’re glad to have Vlad!

Consortium can be found at Check out their Medium for a comprehensive guide that covers:
-How to use Consortium

Support can also be found in the Consortium Telegram Channel

Consortium also received the first Galactic Hubs grant, as part of the Hero Awards, and was recognized as Honorary Technical & Infrastructure Contributor.

“The Galactic Hubs Hero Awards were made possible thanks to the contributions of Consortium DAC in developing a seamless Trilium (TLM) voting system powered by WAX. We would like to thank Vladislav Hramstov and Lennar Lehestik, our first gHubs grant recipients, for their professionalism in providing a tool we believe will serve future community-driven decisions.” — Alien Worlds

#Midjourney collaboration with Crypto Night#2237

“It is a great achievement to have been awarded a grant by the Galactic Hubs. We are equally pleased to have delivered technology designed to accelerate participation in Alien Worlds governance and neighboring communities alike. Funding received will support new product development as Consortium aims to evolve in line with the needs of our communities” — Vlad Hramstov.

Community Members can now vote on chain, create polls, and get rewards for staking TLM for voting power and participating in finding consensus.

Join the conversation and help shape the future to come!

The Interplanetary Federation is excited to see how Consortium can encourage engagement from Alien World communities. Empower your voice by utilizing this powerful tool in collaboration with other Explorers!

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