The Delayed Payout Tool contract is live!


Custodians and Members of the Federation–

The Delayed Payout Tool contract is live and ready for trickling tokens! Freshly tested and deployed from the legendary Antelope-focused dev team at

We’re excited about all the creative ways you will use this simple tool to benefit your community’s Proposals!

Will you Resource a project that needs recurring Resourcing? We hope so!

View the original Neri Proposal

This has been supported in part by Neri, with Approvals from the Custodians 51mqs.wam:Duane, a.d3u.c.wam:Adam, hweaq.wam

How does it work?

Create a distribution over a period of time by depositing some Resources (TLM or other community-based token) with days= and receiver= in the memo like this, for example:

days=5 receiver=kavian.dac

Here’s an example Proposal created on Kavian to illustrate the use of this contract. It’s easy! View this Proposal >

How to claim the Resources?

Anyone can claim the pending distribution to a recipient account! Call the payout action with payout_id and this will process the payout.

View the tlmtimedelay on: contract on

When you submit the transaction the contract will: process the payout, check the quantity and number of days, calculate the amount to transfer, and trigger the transfer.

Keep in mind payout can only be called once per day per payout_id.

Note: When the finish time has been reached for a specific payout, the next time payout is then called for that id. The executed row is removed, the remaining funds are then sent out, and the RAM that was paid upon deposit is refunded.

Questions? Reach out to

Stay tuned for new updates coming soon!!