The Token Distro Tool is Live!


Custodians and Members of the Federation!

The Token Distribution Tool contract is live and ready for trickling tokens! Freshly tested and deployed from the legendary Antelope-focused dev team at

tlmsplitting is a contract that allows you to send one transaction that will evenly split a pool of tokens and send them to the accounts you choose.

We’re excited about all the creative ways you will use this simple tool in your community to more effectively manage Resources and support community Proposals!

View the original Neri Proposal

This has been supported by Neri, with Approvals from Duane, Adam, and Max.

How does it work?

It’s Easy.

-Simply Create a Proposal or transfer for the amount you want to split addressed to: tlmsplitting

-Add your recipients in the memo like this: user1 user2 user3

-Approve the Proposal or transfer and the contract does the rest!

Here’s an example of the tlmsplitting account splitting up 5 TLM to the intended recipients. They all transferred within the same second! Wow!

Note: Make sure there’s no extra spaces or other characters to effectively use this tool.

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