We’re hiring and we need your help

Jason and I started MotivIndex 9 months ago. Today, it is one of the most exciting and fastest growing startups in Canada. As we approach the end of our first year in business, we’re looking at an incredible opportunity to bring a new technology to market. We are already in early beta with this technology, and have signed up an initial roster of ‘test’ clients for it. Which means, things are starting to get real as they say and we now need someone to help us take this new baby to market.

What could the job look like?

I think this is closest to a product management type role. But it’s also more than that. As part of our team, this person will play a leadership role working with Jason and I, as well as our research and development team throughout all aspects of the product lifecycle — from sales through to operations.

Are there some key skills needed?

  1. Product managing a SaaS product
  2. Selling
  3. Operations management

Are you personally interested in chatting with us about this opportunity or do know someone who might be?

We need your help.

Ujwal is the co-founder of MotivIndex, the leader in Digital Motivation Research.

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