Dealing with Gambling Addiction

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There is a reason why gambling is illegal in China and why many fail to overcome the lingering addiction obstacle within families. Countless relationships have been ruined over serious gambling addiction and, according to the UK-based Gambling Commission, approximately half a million children between the ages of 11 and 16 gamble in the UK alone. It is evident that gambling within families is on the rise and that it starts at an early age — it might even seem hereditary.

Gambling addiction is a big hazard. Everyone knows the strong relationship except for the young and the ignorant. Mr. Stanley Ho, who is known as the “Gambling King” of Macau, runs a number of casinos, but he never gambles himself and does not allow his family to gamble. The fact is that gambling addiction never makes anyone rich because it is simply that — an addiction. When does that ever end well for anyone? So, how does one start a new chapter in life by fighting gambling addiction?

What you can do about gambling addiction

Firstly, and most importantly, seek help. Make a point of seeing a medical professional. Don’t hesitate to bring other members of the immediate family being affected, since gambling addiction can spread like a disease or hurt everyone in the way. Secondly, distance yourself from gamblers. This, of course, would be the most painful solution. Nevertheless, it is an important one. The sad truth is that taking the “gambling” part away from an addict is extremely difficult. Naturally, there are levels of severity in gambling addiction. So it is possible to mitigate the damage depending on how addicted someone is.

In addition to the above, it is vital that you determine how severe the addiction is, whether you or a loved one is suffering from gambling addiction. If it is merely occasional, it is not too late to seek help and to stop it in its tracks. However, it is like cancer — it has to be done immediately. If it spreads, it will be too late. Once somebody gambles like “they just don’t care” or they are trying to get their hands on just about all the money they can find, then one is in deep trouble. You can only distance yourself from the gambler or urgently be checked into a rehabilitation center.

From there, you will have to make the choice of moving on. In admitting, not living in denial or ignorance, you will take the first steps in starting a new chapter in life. Find some hobbies, stay away from addicts, and focus on your career — whether you are the gambler or someone in your family is the gambling addict.

Run. Run from the gambling addiction before it consumes you or your entire family. But always be positive, read about success stories, motivational content, and focus on your personal life. It may sound drastic, but here are the facts.

Gambling addiction seriously affects interpersonal relationships

Gambling wastes time and is damaging your health. Gamblers typically struggle to sleep; they are ambitious and want to catch a lot of money fast. They become exhausted after sitting at the casino for long hours like zombies and, even when they go to work, they are absent-minded. However, the losses of gambling are not only about money, but also the loss of personal reputation, which indirectly causes the alienation between relatives and friends.

Easy to embark on the road of crime

Gambling seems to be a fair game and is entertaining. However, the desire for money and the resulting extreme individualism and psychology have become the driving force behind the ideology and behavior of other crimes induced by gambling.

The psychological motive of gambling is to win money. Some people resort to robberies and theft because they lose their gambling money. Others use fraudulent means to obtain large amounts of public funds. This just buys you a one-way ticket to jail.

When you gamble, even if you are losing money, your body will continue to produce adrenaline and endorphin. Actually, it is about spending money to buy pleasure. The facts all point out that winning is not the whole premise of gambling. Hence, the purpose of many gamblers entering the casino has little to do with winning. Gambling is a process of self-betting — what matters is the companion elements in gambling that make gamblers feel happy.

Gambling addiction severely damages your health

I believe that most gamblers fall for the illusion that they can suddenly become a billionaire. Gambling addicts also suffer from neurasthenia. It is a neurological disorder in which the spirit is easily excited; the brain is prone to fatigue and often has emotional annoyance and psychophysiological symptoms.

Parents with a gambling addiction also have a serious impact on their children. The Gambling Commission found that children of pathological gamblers are more likely to have problems with smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse. The chances of a gambler’s child becoming a gambler are four times that of a non-gambler’s child.

The take-away

The sad reality is that gambling addiction will absolutely ruin your family. Therefore, if you are not going to take it as a serious matter from the start, you might as well prepare for the repercussions. Stop it in its tracks earlier on, seek help, and if all else fails — distance yourself to start your new chapter in life.

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