Out of Home Advertising in the Connected Age

Dave Etherington Speaks at IAB MIXX and Advertising Week

Hitting the Streets: Where Digital Meets Physical

Cities today are more exciting to live in than ever before. While the last few years have been dominated by mobile, social media, and online innovation, we are seeing a transformation in advertising that will manifest in the physical world, imitating what has gone before it online. With the proliferation of digital displays on our streets and urban-scale connectivity, we’re moving towards the Physical Web, bringing new opportunities for brand engagement, data insights, and user experiences. In this session, learn how brands are shifting to take advantage of a new frontier in advertising innovation, and discover how the integration of the digital and physical worlds will shape our future cities.

Dave Etherington, Chief Strategy Officer, Intersection
Sarah Jones, Manager of Connections Capabilities, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Monday, Sept 26, 3:00PM

Advertising Week
Breakout! Out of home Advertising in the Connected Age

In this session…

The connected world is ever growing. From connected devices and smart homes, to autonomous cars and connected retail — objects and places all around are talking to us and each other. This panel focuses on the opportunities that will arise for consumers and cities as out of home advertising assumes a more central role inside an expanding and increasingly interdependent information ecosystem.

Jeff Tan, Head of Strategy Posterscope
Dave Etherington, CSO Intersection
Ian Dallimore, Dir. of Innovation and Digital Strategy Lamar Advertising Company
Mikhail Damiani, CEO/Co-Founder, Blue Bite

Monday, Sept 26, 5:00PM