Edidiong Asikpo | Software Engineer, Developer Relations

The Interswitch Developer Console provides self-service integration, giving developers the ability to access our product APIs, authentication parameters, sandbox, production keys, documentation, and seamless project management.

In this article, I will explain how to create an account on the developer console, how to create a project, access your authentication parameters, generate an access token, and go live with your product.

Step 1 — Create an account

Go to our Developer Console and click on the Get Started button at the top right of your screen.

Paul Ofili | Software Engineer, Core Services and Integration

I was opportune to be part of the team that built the new Developer Console. In this article, I will explain the technologies and architectural design used in the developer console, why we used them, and a bit about the new user interface.

Developer Console Emergence

At Interswitch, we build software products that aim to ensure that transactions become a seamless part of our users’ lives. Some of these products enable exchange, access, security, convenience, entertainment, engagement, inclusion, etc.

In line with our goal, we decided to build a platform that could effectively act…

Zainab Abubakar | Software Engineer, Core Service and Integration

Last year, the Developer Relations team in Interswitch Engineering was tasked with improving the experience of developers integrating with Interswitch APIs. There were lots of bad reviews regarding our APIs ranging from the complexity of the APIs which made integration difficult, to lack of proper API documentation and support.

However, chief among the issues was the documentation and we set out to remove the stumbling block. To achieve this, we tested several platforms before arriving at a decision on which one best suited our needs and better serve our users. …

Edidiong Asikpo | Software Engineer, Developer Relations

Have you been curious about Interswitch APIs but worried it’s too complicated to use? Good news: Integrating with Interswitch APIs is easier than ever.

You probably know about one or two Interswitch APIs, but for some reason, you haven’t used them. It could either be the documentation, integration, the old developer console, or everything else that made it seem too confusing to be worth the effort.

In truth, integrating with Interswitch APIs have been relatively complex for years now, largely because of the complexity of our APIs, lack of well-defined documentation, poor developer…

In line with our Switch-a-Future Initiative developed to identify, promote and ignite the right support and reward for STEM students in Africa, we went to Makoko to teach students how to code. The project kicked off on the 22nd day of October at the Slum2School STEM Innovation lab powered by Interswitch in Makoko, Yaba.

Several volunteer Software Engineers from Interswitch were present to teach the 30 secondary school students how to code. It was an exciting, humbling and intriguing moment for the Engineers as we got to introduce the kids to the tech world and all the possibilities tech offers…

This is the debut publication of the Interswitch Engineering Spotlight Series #IESS, a recently launched novel initiative aimed at owning and shaping the narrative around the Interswitch Engineering team, showcasing our best talents and telling never before heard stories of passion, resilience, commitment to duty and success. The Spotlight would brilliantly highlight our people, motivations and achievements.

Today, we will be interviewing Ayowole Adenuga.

Ayowole is a Software Engineer currently working with the Payment Tokens team at Interswitch. He is passionate about frontend development and loves volunteering to teach newbies how to code.

Ayowole Adenuga at Interswitch

How would you describe yourself?

That is going to be hard. Well…

A key stage to securing a role in Software Engineering teams are the technical or programming interviews. In fast paced organizations, interviewers watch out for various attributes with the common denominators including; attention to detail, understanding of key concepts, and problem analysis.

As a result of previous unpleasant experiences traditionally linked to technical interviews, candidates find these interviews quite tasking, tend to come in with a feeling of uncertainty and many times lose their composure. At Interswitch, we think of technical interviews as an opportunity to better understand our candidates while giving them a glimpse of our company’s culture and…

Welcome to 2019!

2018 was great but 2019 is about to blow your minds. At least we intend to on this side of the world. You have your new year resolutions, well here is ours; This year, we are going to put out really interesting articles for your consumption and our mutual satisfaction. 🙂. Can’t wait? Neither can we. So let’s get on with the first of the lot.

In a bid to grow more talent while creating more opportunities in Software Engineering, we recently opened our doors to the first cohort of Software Engineering interns/students into the Interswitch Developer…

Here’s what comes to the minds of users when they think of Quickteller; seamless payment of bills, services and transfer of funds. In simpler words, a one-stop platform for digital transactions, ranging from funds transfers to airtime top-ups to bills payment letting you perform all your transactions at your own convenience.

In this article and it’s upcoming parts, we’ll help you take a peek behind the scenes of the gloriousness that is Quickteller. Let us take you through the software architecture and design journey of Quickteller, including the very reason behind our building and continually re-iterating one of Africa’s largest…


As part of our Engineering culture to drive more innovation amongst our Software Engineers, our Fridays are set aside for everyone to partake in the Mind the Engineering Fridays where teams are set up to work on diverse in-house products to encourage team bonding and practical solution creation.

To top the fun, hackathons are held at the end of the month with full focus on product inception. …

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Fostering a better developer and software engineering experience at Interswitch through in-depth documented technical learnings and exploration.

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